2017 EXO The War Comeback Sehun Teaser For KoKoBop Has Been Dropped

2017 EXO The War Comeback Sehun Teaser

EXO Sehun Teaser For THE WAR album title track Ko Ko Bop has been released

Following Kai, Baekhyun and Chanyeol teasers, SM Entertainment has released a teaser video for EXO member Sehun.

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His majesty – Lord Oh Sehun is the 4th member to tease us with EXO THE WAR Ko Ko Bop upcoming comeback.

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Same as previously revealed members of EXOSehun showed up in two teaser videos. One MV teaser was uploaded on SMTOWN YouTube channel and another one is a concept teaser dropped on EXO newly opened Twitter account.

Watch 2017 EXO The War Comeback Sehun Teaser number 2 here

Just as Kai Teaser, Baekhyun Teaser and Chanyeol Teaser, Sehun appears in a tropical setting, rocking some exotic print outfits and temporary tattoos. Most of the members, who have been revealed in previous teasers also sported some leaf themed temporary tattoos, that go with the concept of this upcoming album.

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2017 EXO The War Comeback Sehun Teaser

EXO Sehun is rocking this look

In addition, some of Sehun’s lines were revealed during a short teaser, giving a glimpse of one of the songs from the album.

Fans already knew about Oh Sehun’s fabulously orange hair since a while ago, when he appeared at an airport, revealing his new style. Many were reminded of the time ex member Luhan had orange hair and some fans expressed how it gave them “feels”.

Needless to say, Lord Oh Sehun looks amazing in his fresh summer look.

2017 EXO The War Comeback Sehun Teaser

Lord Oh Sehun enjoying his vacation. Just kidding…

2017 EXO The War Comeback Sehun Teaser

EXO L’s hearts are melting

Oh Sehun smiling cheekily during a concept teaser.

Meanwhile, EXO member Chanyeol appeared as a guest on actor Lee Dongwook’s (Drama “Goblin” 2016-2017) Naver V Live broadcast.

2017 EXO The War Comeback Sehun Teaser

Screenshots from Naver

How did you like 2017 EXO The War Comeback Sehun Teaser?

Also, who do you think will be the next member to be revealed?

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