2017 Crystal Snow BTS Japan Comeback Date Announced

BTS Japan Comeback Date

BTS Japan Comeback Date

BTS Japan Comeback Date set for December

If you are a stranger to Kpop group BTS, you’re clearly missing out. As a matter of fact, they recently took their 9th win for a track in their recent album: DNA over the course of only 3 weeks, mind you 3 weeks. If that doesn’t impress you then we don’t know what does. BTS are true legends for holding such titles.

Moreover, BTS has made history in the Kpop industry for being the only Kpop group to make it into the top 25 list of the highest ranking singles in Japan. Luck is definitely on the boys’ side this year.

Now, speaking of Japan, BTS will be having another comeback, a Japan comeback to be precise. They recently stated this in their official Japan Twitter account. There, it is said that they will be releasing their 8th Japan single album. Together with, some translated tracks off of the Love Yourself: Her album will be incorporated as well. Which supposedly includes DNA and MIC Drop.

Furthermore, the said album will be having the main title track “Crystal Snow” which is an original Japanese track.

English Translation:

#BTS (#Bulletproof Boys Club) Decided to release their eighth single album in Japan. As well as the Japanese version of the hit songs of course, the long-awaited single including the new song “Crystal Snow” produced in Japan’s own project.

Of course, after hearing that , who wouldn’t be jealous of the J-Armys? We definitely are. The Japanese Army are truly a lucky bunch. We bet the J-Armys are hanging at the edge of their seats as they couldn’t wait any longer. The said comeback will be on the 6th of December. J-Armys, hang in there.

Are you excited after BTS Japan Comeback Date was announced?

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