Lord Oh Sehun – Chinese Fans Bought Land In Scotland For EXO Member

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A member of popular K-Pop group EXO, Oh Sehun had a birthday on April 12th. It’s very common for idols to receive generous gifts from their fans, but this time fans topped their own level of creativity. Chinese fans bought land in Scotland for EXO member. Now he can officially be called Lord Oh Sehun, since the purchase of this 1 square foot of land in Glencoe Wood Forest Preserve, along with some other attributes, comes with this high status.

Members of Chinese fansite Warmwind really thought of a cool thing to give.

LORD OH SEHUN, the certificate states proudly.

After the purchase of this land, fans are asking to refer to EXO member as Lord Oh Sehun instead of simply Sehun. 

Lord Oh Sehun - Chinese Fans Bought Land In Scotland For EXO Member

Not only it is a very creative gift, but it also helps with the improvement of environment and support animals, that inhabit the reserves. 

What a thoughtful and inspiring gift. Not to mention how awesome it is, that Sehun is now a Lord too.

That was one of the many gifts EXO L’s prepared for Oh Sehun. Banners and advertisements wishing happy birthday to EXO’s maknae were also spotted in multiple places around the globe. #HappySehunDay was trending on Twitter as well.

This truly shows how loved this K-Pop group became over these five years. Just recently, EXO celebrated their 5 year anniversary since debut.

Happy birthday from Kimchislap team too, Lord Oh Sehun!

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