2017 EXO The War Comeback Baekhyun Teaser For KoKoBop Is Revealed

2017 EXO The War Comeback Baekhyun Teaser

SM Entertainment Dropped A Second Teaser For EXO THE WAR Comeback Revealing Member Baekhyun

EXO Baekhyun is a second member to release a teaser for an upcoming comeback EXO The War.

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In the freshly released teaser Baekhyun is seen rocking what appears to be a mullet with bright red highlights. Also, a very bohemian looking make up and some piercings/lip art, giving him an edgy look.

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In Baekhyun’s teaser a part of the song from the album is revealed, including some of his vocal parts.

Meanwhile, just as in the case with EXO Kai’s Teaser, a whole another video was posted for Baekhyun on EXO’ newly formed Twitter account.

As already known, the concept is an exotic theme with different plant leaves involved. The title track is revealed to be called KoKoBop.

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Previously EXO posted on their newly opened Facebook page that the album will be called THE WAR and will consist of 9 tracks.

“EXO to release the 4th full album “THE WAR”
The album features 9 tracks including the title song “Ko Ko Bop”
Digital release: 6pm, 18 July
Physical release: 19 July
“Ko Ko Bop” combines the word “ko ko” which has an interesting pronunciation and the word “bop” which means dancing to a music. The title means an exciting dance to the rhythm.”, – EXO staff informed.

2017 EXO The War Comeback Baekhyun Teaser

Baekhyun is smiling cheekily, while rocking a mullet with red highlights. Gotta admit, it really suits him well.

2017 EXO The War Comeback Baekhyun Teaser

Finally, in the second teaser posted on Twitter, Baekhyun is rocking lip art, that resembles piercing and a set of green contact lenses.

Who’s gonna be the next member to drop a teaser? Stay tuned and find out soon.

How do you like 2017 EXO The War Comeback Baekhyun Teaser?

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