[POLL] Which EXO Member Hairstyle Shook You The Most?

EXO Member Hairstyle from EXO THE WAR Ko Ko Bop

[VOTE] Which EXO Member Hairstyle from EXO THE WAR Ko Ko Bop teasers got you shook the most

Meanwhile, all K-Pop community is holding their breath in anticipation of EXO THE WAR Ko Ko Bop comeback 2017, released teasers have created quite the storm among netizens.

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So far, 5 EXO member teasers for Ko Ko Bop have been released – Kai’s Teaser, Baekhyun’s Teaser, Chanyeol’s Teaser, Sehun’s Teaser and Suho’s Teaser.

So what especially got the attention of netizens? It was member’s hairstyles. Seems, we haven’t seen as many memes about K-Pop Idol hairstyles before.

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Many EXO L‘s were shook and not only EXO L’s. The hairstyles were so out of ordinary, the whole K-Pop community went on to express their opinions about it. Kai’s dreadlocks, Baekhyun’s mullet, Sehun’s orange hair (Even before the teaser was released. He was seen at an airport with a new hairstyle, which resulted in tons of memes being posted online). Suho’s usual classy clean cut was turned into a perm. And finally, Chanyeol sported a mix of pastel pink and purple hair.

So we decided to make this poll to find out who’s hairstyle got you shook the most!

What is the reason it shook you? Do you like it or not?

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Vote which EXO member hairstyle shook You the most and tell us why in the comments!

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