SM Entertainment Drops 2017 EXO The War Comeback Suho Teaser For KoKoBop

Watch 2017 EXO The War Comeback Suho Teaser For KoKoBop here

Leader Suho Teaser For EXO THE WAR album title track Ko Ko Bop has been released

So far SM Entertainment has already released EXO Kai Teaser, Baekhyun Teaser, Chanyeol Teaser and Sehun Teaser. Following previously revealed members, goes Suho, the leader of EXO.

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Just as with other members, one teaser was released on SMTOWN YouTube and another on EXO newly opened Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Suho teaser follows the same theme as other member teasers. It’s a tropical and exotic setting, where members seemingly are playing some games. Some of Suho’s lines were revealed as well. With that, we get an even better idea of what the songs in the album are going to be like.

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Watch other members teasers here: Xiumin Teaser, Chen Teaser, D.O Teaser

Watch 2017 EXO The War Comeback Suho Teaser For KoKoBop number 2 here

Notably, unlike other member concept teasers posted on Twitter and Instagram, Suho’s teaser has a different tune. The music slowly progresses into previously revealed one by the end of the teaser.

5 member teasers are revealed and 4 are still yet to tease us

Meanwhile, it has been revealed, that Chen, Chanyeol and Baekhyun participated in writing the lyrics for EXO The War album title song Ko Ko Bop.

Ko Ko Bop is an energetic reggae pop song combined from rhythmic reggae and heavy bass sounds. This is a completely new music style EXO has never done before.

The album will be released digitally on July 18 and physically on July 19.

EXO also revealed, that their third concert finale EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM [dot], which was held on May 27 and 28 at Jamsil Stadium, will be available for surround viewing (aka showed in theater) at SM COEX Artium Building in Seoul. The release date is set for August 11, 2017.

Meanwhile, EXO shared their plans for upcoming promotions

EXO is said to hold their first comeback stage for Ko Ko Bop on Mnet M COUNTDOWN on July 20.

Finally, EXO 1st full album title song Wolf MV has hit over 100 million views on YouTube and became their 5th video to set a milestone. Congratulations to EXO on their never ending success!

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