EXO Superpowers Hidden In Dances. Things You Haven’t Noticed In EXO MVs

EXO Superpowers Hidden In DancesEXO fans have known long ago, that according to the legend all members come from an EXO PLANET from outside the Solar System. Each member possesses a special superpower. Here’s a compilation of gif images showcasing EXO Superpowers hidden in dances, that you probably haven’t noticed.

Not everyone notices how it’s being implemented into EXO music videos and especially choreography.

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Here’s a short summary for rookie EXO L’s.

“The 12 legends shall stand on the same ground but see different skies”, says the narrator in the beginning of “MAMA” MV. Fans interpret this as EXO members living in two parallel worlds, which represents EXO-K and EXO-M.
EXO Superpowers Hidden In Dances

Kai, for example, possesses the ability of teleportation and is supposed to be the connection between the two worlds. Chanyeol is Fire, Suho is Water, Lay is Healing, D.O a.k.a Earth/Strength, Baekhyun is Light, Sehun is Wind, Chen – Thunder, XiuminFrost.

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Cool story, one might think, but it’s not all. A lot more is happening on EXO Planet since debut and up to this day.

Actually, EXO choreographers put these abilities of members into their choreography. It’s not just a bunch of randomly cool moves.

Here’s a compilation of gifs gathered to show how EXO members use their superpowers in their dances.

EXO Superpowers Hidden In Dances

Here we see Xiumin freezing the members. Only Sehun is not affected, because he’s the wind. So together with Chanyeol a.k.a Fire, they go back and unfreeze other members.

EXO Superpowers Hidden In Dances

In the eye of typhoon, we see Sehun – the Wind. He is creating a storm and twirling members around himself.

EXO Superpowers Hidden In Dances

Members are being drawn by D.O’s Earth Strength. Can you feel the gravity of this situation? (No pun intended)

EXO Superpowers Hidden In Dances

Yet again D.O is using his force to push and pull members.

Now you are aware of these awesome EXO Superpowers hidden in dances. You can probably find many more of these moments in many other EXO music videos.

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