Monsta X DRAMARAMA Comeback Slaying the Kpop Scene

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MONSTA X is here again to rock your world in their new comeback

After 2 successful comebacks, Beautiful and Shine Forever, plus great promotion in Japan and successful 1st World Tour this year, MONSTA X is up again with their new comeback.

And finally, on 7th of November 2017, the time has come. MONSTA X released their 5th mini album The Code and dropped their comeback MV “DRAMARAMA“, 6 pm KST.

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In the MV you can see a bold and sexy MONSTA X. Every single one of them looked great. Moreover, the MV also contains a great heartbreaking plot.

The title song DRAMARAMA contains a great beat that will totally carry you away. Also, the track contains great lyrics that will make your heart melt.

Monsta X DRAMARAMA Comeback

Monsta X DRAMARAMA Comeback

Previously, on 12th of October, MONSTA X started posting photo teasers of their upcoming comeback. They even made a Show-Con for this grand comeback. Group shared a colorful theme photo for every individual member. You can see how fierce and sexy MONSTA is. Also, they posted Protocol Terminal Scenes that made all Monbebes hype for the upcoming comeback. MONSTA X also launched new Official Goods for their new comeback that you might want to collect and add it to your collection.

Furthermore, they also released a new album with two versions. The “PROTOCOL TERMINAL Version” and the “DE:CODE Version“. Both versions have a booklet, personal booklet, CDs, 28 photocards, 20 scene photos, special poster and stickers.

As a promotion to their comeback MONSTA X also made a Show-Con. Unfortunately, MONSTA X Wonho didn’t attend the event because his health is under observation. We hope that he recovers fast. Despite Wonho being gone for a while to undergo his treatment, The Show-Con was still successfully done.

After all these great comebacks this year, MONSTA X really deserves to get their first win. And their comeback song “DRAMARAMA” is totally worth a listen. MONSTA X really slayed this year, 2017. Stay tuned for more great comebacks of MONSTA X that will totally make you fall for them.

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