EXO Opened New Official SNS Accounts

EXO Opened New Official SNS Accounts

EXO Opened New Official SNS Accounts

EXO Opens New Twitter, Instagram And Facebook Accounts

Meanwhile K-Pop fans all around the world are barely holding their excitement for 2017 EXO comeback this summer, the group has prepared surprises for all EXO L‘s.

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Recently, EXO decided to get closer to their fans and opened an official Twitter account. But that isn’t all. In addition, they also opened an Instagram account.

Soon after opening their freshly established Twitter account, EXO posted,

“Feeling lucky? Choose one hashtag below.”

Apparently, you must select one of the offered hashtags and tweet. After you sent a tweet, teaser video appears. The teaser reveals several members.

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Previously, media reported that member Lay, unfortunately, won’t be able to participate in promotions, due to busy schedule in China.

Also, it was previously known that EXO has two separate Facebook accounts for EXO-K and EXO-M. On June 10, They notified their followers, that both pages will be closed and joined into one page – EXO.

“Starting July 18, 2017, our current Facebook pages for ‘EXO-K’ and ‘EXO-M’ will be combined into one united page, ‘EXO’ (@weareoneEXO). Please note that the two previous pages will be automatically closed to the public and no longer available.

The page ‘EXO’ will now help you stay connected. Thank you for your understanding and please stay tuned for updates!” – said EXO Facebook staff

From now on these will be EXO Official SNS Accounts:

EXO Official Facebook

EXO Official Instagram

EXO Official Twitter

EXO Official Website

Finally, after EXO opened new Official SNS accounts, please, do follow! And of course, support the boys with their upcoming comeback EXO The War Ko Ko Bop.

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