2017 EXO The War Comeback Xiumin Teaser For Ko Ko Bop Is Unveiled

Watch 2017 EXO The War Comeback Xiumin Teaser For Ko Ko Bop here

SM Unveiled Yet Another Teaser For EXO THE WAR Ko Ko Bop Comeback 2017, This Time For Xiumin

On July 14, SM Entertainment has released a teaser video for sixth member of EXO. Which is non other, than Xiumin.

Just as previously, two teaser videos were posted to stir up curiosity of fans. One was posted on SMTOWN YouTube, VLive and Facebook and another on EXO’s Newly opened Instagram and Twitter.

Immediately after teasers were released, #XIUMIN was trending worldwide on Twitter, just as some other members, previously. EXO L’s are working tirelessly!

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EXO Xiumin teaser is following the same theme as previously revealed Kai TeaserBaekhyun TeaserChanyeol TeaserSehun Teaser and Suho Teaser.

Watch other members teasers here: Chen Teaser, D.O Teaser

In the first teaser Xiumin appears in the same exotic setting as other members. He is surrounded by tropical leaves and seems to be enjoying his time, playing games alongside other EXO members.

Furthermore, some of Xiumin’s vocal lines are revealed in the first teaser as well.

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Noteworthy, everything is fine with Xiumin’s hairstyle. He is rocking a simple clean cut black hair.

Previously, EXO members hairstyle change for THE WAR Ko Ko Bop comeback has started quite a storm among netizens. Everyone was raving about Kai’s dreads, Baekhyun’s mullet, Chanyeol’s pink hair, Royal Maknae Oh Sehun’s orange hair and Suho’s perm. EXO L’s went on to make tons of memes online.

Watch 2017 EXO The War Comeback Xiumin Teaser For KoKoBop number 2 here

The concept teaser also follows the same theme as previously released ones. Gotta admit, Xiumin looks stunning in both of his teaser videos.

2017 EXO The War Comeback Xiumin Teaser

Xiumin giving us “The Look”. Meanwhile, everyone is wondering why the teaser hasn’t been uploaded to SMTOWN Youtube Channel at 00:00 PM KST as other member teasers. It was uploaded with a delay of one hour leaving EXO L’s waiting impatiently and playing guessing games.

2017 EXO The War Comeback Xiumin Teaser

Xiumin is doing a scientific research on some candies.

Meanwhile, EXO has revealed, that their 4th full album THE WAR includes such hit making producers as Kenzie, The Underdogs, LDN Noise, MARZ Music and Henry Lau. 

In addition, EXO promised to have a comeback special Ko Ko Bop on One Summer Night (2017 한여름 밤의 KO KO BOP), that will be broadcast live on NAVER V Live app. It will take place on EXO Channel on July 18, 8PM KST.

What do you think of 2017 EXO The War Comeback Xiumin Teaser?

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