Zico Television Comeback Artist – Sizzling Hot Summer Single

Watch Zico Television Comeback Artist MV here

Kpop veteran Zico releases a new summer single Artist

On July 12, 2017, Zico returned with his second mini album titled Television and the title track is called Artist.

This comeback is showing more of a comical vibe. Zico dyed his hair orange for this comeback. Bright colours with mostly yellow were used throughout, which matched the album theme.

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Zico showed different sides to his personality, such as dorky and serious, which matches the tracks on his mini album.

Fans reactions were filled with positive reviews

“The song is really good”

“Oh yes, it’s a bop”

Zico finally releases his long awaited comeback single Artist

The MV is filled with vibrant colours and strange locations.

First of all, Zico is standing on top of a rooftop and one special effect was used. Multiple versions of Zico are dancing around the rooftop alongside him.

We see Zico standing in between two monkeys outside a row of shops. Zico is wearing a vibrant attire, which matches the monkeys clothes, creating a comical feel.

Meanwhile, the MV is quite realistic with a few school children dancing around the streets. They break out into choreography, which is sharp, but also has a comedy side.

Finally, the song is a typical Zico track and has an edgier sound compared to his previous releases.

Zico second mini album Television track list:

1: “Behind the Scenes”

2: “Artist” which is the title track

3: “Anti (Feat. G.Soul)” which is the second title track

4: “Fanxy Child (Feat. Fanxy Child)”

5: “She’s a Baby”

Bonus Track: “Bermuda Triangle (Feat. Crush & Dean)” CD Only

Zico also released the MV for Anti, which represents his underground rapping days and addresses all the hate. The set used for the MV was a burning house and had lots of special effect moments.

Watch Zico Anti Feat. G.Soul MV here

Recently, Zico appeared on A Hyung I Know (Knowing Brothers) to promote his latest mini album.

Additionally, the single Artist peaked at #1 on Genie, Bugs, Naver and Soribada charts within just few hours of release and has sold 571 copies.

What is your favourite MV from Zico Television Comeback Artist or Anti?

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