14 Kpop Idol Mullets – A New Trend – Yay Or Nay?

This summer, many Kpop fans have noticed a controversial Kpop Idol Mullets trend, that has been gaining popularity among Korean celebrities.

Some fans absolutely hated this new trend, but some found it quite beautiful. Also, many people have expressed interest, in whether this style will be taken to streets from stage, as well. As known, people love to copy celebrity looks and styles. Who knows? Tell us if you start seeing a growing tendency.

Many idols have adopted this so called “Hockey hair” trend and here’s how it looks like.

Check out this list of 14 Kpop idols, who have rocked a mullet this year.

 #1: EXO Baekhyun

Apparently, he’s been addicted to mullets since childhood. Well obviously not addicted, but someone has done that to him even back then. Nevertheless, little Baekhyunnie is adorable.

Not only Baekhyun was a fine example of glow up, but his mullet experienced a magical transformation, as well. From a tiny cocoon mullet to a beautiful butterfly mullet. (Yes, we’re clearly having a lot of fun with this, don’t judge us, please.) Baekhyun sported this style in EXO – Ko Ko Bop Music video.

#2: NCT Taeil

NCT Taeil was seen with a mullet right upon his debut. SM Entertainment is clearly digging this style.

Gotta admit, our beautiful grim reaper look-alike is looking hella fine.

#3: B.A.P Himchan

Here goes the first member of B.A.P you’ll find sporting a mullet. Yes, he’s not the only one. Keep scrolling to see the others too. Earlier this year, B.A.P Himchan was spotted rocking a mullet. First, he appeared with a baby mullet during Daehyun x Jongup Project promotions. Now it has grown quite a bit, while the idol is preparing for B.A.P comeback, set for September, 2017.

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#4: B.A.P Jongup

Now Moon Jongup has also joined the bandwagon. Now that’s one aesthetically pleasing pastel colored mullet. Fans are speculating, that these are extensions, however. Meanwhile, boys are about to release their newest single album BLUE. Also, check out these iconic moments from Jongup’s and Daehyun’s solo project, they successfully wrapped up this summer.


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#5: Dean

Dean, a.k.a nation’s producer and voice, is a concept king. Well, here he was no exception to falling under this trend’s influence.


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#6: BIGBANG G Dragon

GD too, started with this trend young. Here’s his childhood photo, where he is wearing a mullet.


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Started from the bottom, now he’s here. Recently, he too, decided to go back to his roots and bring back the mullet.

{More pics} ᴀᴄᴛ ɪɪɪ ᴍ.ᴏ.ᴛ.ᴛ.ᴇ

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#7: BEATWIN Yoonhu

Now that’s one glorious blonde mullet. Beatwin member Yoonhu rocked this hairstyle in BeatwinRising Sun Music Video.

#8: WINNER Mino

WINNER Mino was seen with different variations and different shades of mullet, since quite a while ago.

He has had it in different colors and lengths.

[우주제일의개그력] 오늘 한끼를 먹을 때 마다 위너를 만나는 느낌 저희만 그런걸까요 히히? 물론 져물어가는 노을을 보니 우리의 주말도 얼마 남지 않았음이 느껴지지만요☺️ 그래도 우리에게는 저녁 먹으며 기다릴 먼 곳 다녀오신 왕자님의 오지탐험기가 있으니 아직 넘 우울해 하지 않아도 될 것 같아요!? 박인서들 이미 마음은 조지아로 떠난거 알지만 기다려요.. 같이가? #구슬꿰어귀에건트렌디송 #살아있는손끝 #왼쪽에총알자국보이시죠오오옼 #썰쑤이써 #송연두의휘적임 #몰래찍어도멋진데모어때요 #지금스케줄중이니까그냥올릴게요잘생겼눈데모오때요 #위러뷰 #이시대의착한남자 #참된성심 #MINO #WINNER #OurTwentyFor #INNERCIRCLE #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

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#9: VICTON HanSe

Rookie idol Hanse from kpop group Victon is also recently spotted with somewhat of a mullet-ish hairstyle. He wore this hairstyle in VICTON – Unbelievable Music Video.

#10: Block B Zico

Zico is known for his controversial hairstyles. He’s done it all. From dreadlocks to mullet.

Kpop Idol Mullets

Kpop Idol Mullets

#11: Vixx N

Although, this one is obviously a fake mullet, Vixx N is still unexpectedly rocking it too.

Kpop Idol Mullets

Kpop Idol Mullets

#12: B.A.P Zelo

Zelo was also spotted rocking a mullet on several occasions. Here’s his majestic pink/lavender unicorn mullet from “Wake Me Up” Music Video.

Kpop Idol Mullets

Kpop Idol Mullets

However, that wasn’t the only occasion, when he sported this hairstyle. Here’s another example from earlier days.

Kpop Idol Mullets

Kpop Idol Mullets

#13: 2PM Wooyoung

Surprisingly, Jang Wooyoung was seen with a mullet in 2014.

Kpop Idol Mullets

Kpop Idol Mullets

And in 2015 too.

Kpop Idol Mullets

Kpop Idol Mullets

#14: B.A.P Yongguk

Here’s also a mega ancient photo of what appears to be pre-debut B.A.P Yongguk, who is wearing a mullet. And basically, this makes B.A.P Daehyun the only member, who has survived the mullet craze. Maybe we will see it in the future. Or who knows, if there are some secret hidden photos from past, that will resurface soon too.

Kpop Idol Mullets

Kpop Idol Mullets

BONUS: Pre-debut B.A.P Yongguk

Pre-debut B.A.P Bang Yongguk is rocking a mullet in this ancient fan taken video

Tell us what you think about this Kpop Idol Mullets trend. Yay or Nay?

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