EXO Variety Show Savage Moments You All Need To See

EXO Variety Show Savage Moments

EXO Variety Show Savage Moments

EXO Hilarious Variety Show Moments Leave Fans Shook

Following their latest comeback with The War album, mega popular Korean idol group EXO appeared on variety shows. This resulted in many hilarious moments and we would like to compile EXO variety show savage moments in this article. You all need this in your lives!

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EXO rarely appears on variety shows and many fans were wondering why and made random assumptions. Such as SM Entertainment won’t let them appear, because they will end up spilling way too much information about each other. Since all EXO members are real friends to each other and live together in a dorm, they surely have a lot of things to spill. Fans’ assumptions just might be true, because every time boys appear on some show it results in very hilarious and savage situations.

They love to make fun of each other and brag about each other’s good qualities and weird habits.

Recently, EXO has blown away everyone’s minds after they appeared on a Korean variety show Knowing Bros. They were simply savage and didn’t hold back a single bit. They just spilled absolutely everything you could never imagine about one selves and each other.

EXO Baekhyun especially stood out on Knowing Bros, revealing quite interesting details about his co-members and what he loves to do with them.

EXO Variety Show Savage Moments – Baekhyun says Sehun has a big ring ding dong

In this particular video cut of the show Baekhyun left everyone shook, when he “subtly” pointed out this particular feature of co-member Sehun, which he is jealous of.

Baekhyun has mentioned, that he invades EXO members’ shower time as a way of getting closer to them. And since they shower together, he’s seen things.

Honestly, it’s hard not to laugh even while writing this down. We’re done…so done…

He, then, was asked by an MC, which feature of which member has he seen, that he is jealous of and without much thinking Baekhyun confidently replied, that he is jealous of Sehun being “big”. MC then asked if Baekhyun meant Sehun’s broad shoulders, but no, you got it all wrong, Knowing Bros.

“You know what they say about men with big noses?” – said Baekhyun.

In many cultures it means having a big “ring ding dong, if you know what he means.

What’s also funny is that Sehun specifically asked NOT to edit this part out. Apparently, he was quite proud about his *ahem* big nose.

On the same show, members also revealed how they pranked Suho by peeing on his leg in the shower. Seriously, what the hell, EXO?

They also mentioned walking on each other, while doing a number 2. Too much info, EXO…too much info…but we all know it’s just butterflies and glitter.

Well, this was probably one of the most savage variety show appearances by idols, we’ve ever seen. And it is kinda clear now, why they don’t appear on these shows as often.

This, however, wasn’t the only time EXO members made everyone cry and hold their bellies from laughing too hard.

Innocent Sehun doesn’t understand MC’s joke about this dish at Yummy Yummy show

EXO Variety Show Savage Moments

EXO Variety Show Savage Moments

EXO members Kai and Sehun appeared on a Chinese food show called Yummy Yummy. They didn’t fail at making everyone laugh that time either.

The whole show was beyond hilarious as they let MC’s taste controversial Korean dishes.

Sehun also made a very “interesting” ramyun (Korean noodles), that MC’s didn’t really appreciate.

But the most hilarious moment was when they brought a weird looking Korean dish, that one of the MC’s found hilarious. She said it reminds her of her baby son, at which Kai started laughing hard, meanwhile Sehun didn’t seem to understand her joke, which made everyone laugh even more.

Lay grabbing MC’s butt on Star Show 360

EXO appeared on a Star Show 360 and yet again everyone was down to the ground laughing, after Lay expressed how he likes touching butts and proceeded to demonstrate it on MC. The MC was shook, meanwhile everyone in the studio were about to have a seizure from uncontrollable laughter.

EXO Variety Show Savage Moments

EXO Variety Show Savage Moments

Lay fails at Korean at Star Show 360

Touching butts wasn’t enough for Lay. He was unstoppable that day. He made everyone laugh countless times mispronouncing “Jurassic Park” several times and in many different ways.


EXO members hilarious interactions with children

Watch EXO member looks get ranked by children on Star Show 360

EXO members pictures were shown to little children, who had to rank EXO by looks. Member reactions were pretty funny.

EXO Kai got rekkd by a savage baby Tae Oh on Oh My Baby show

Reality shows involving little kids are quite popular in Korea. Everyone finds it adorable and EXO Kai wasn’t an exception. He visited baby Tae Oh on a show called Oh My Baby and the friendship between the two didn’t go that well in the begging, but later on Kai was able to melt the kid’s heart and they became friends.

They played and fed each other, which resulted in many cute and hilarious moments.

One of the funniest parts was, when Kai was feeding Tae Oh and Tae Oh was supposed to feed Kai too, but the kid decided to troll big hyung instead, to which Kai responded the same way and proceeded to troll the little one. Needless to say this was super adorable and hilarious.

Which other EXO Variety Show Savage Moments can you recall?

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