Ah Woo EXO Ko Ko Bop Music Video Finally Went Down Down Baby

Watch EXO Ko Ko Bop Music Video here

EXO releases a Korean and Chinese versions of music video for Ko Ko Bop – the title track of the album THE WAR

On July 18, 2017, EXO finally released music videos for the title track Ko Ko Bop, of their 4th full album THE WAR.

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Ko Ko Bop is an energetic reggae song with rhythmical reggae and bass guitar sounds. Members Chen, Chanyeol and Baekhyun took part in lyrics writing. The lyrics talk about letting your body move as it wants to and freely dance together on the night before inevitable war.

This means letting go of your problems for a while and enjoying your life before facing daily struggles and responsibilities. Work hard, play hard, EXO is trying to tell us!

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K-Pop boy group’s EXO fourth full studio album THE WAR has surpassed 800 K pre-ordered copies, hours before the release.

EXO Ko Ko Bop Music Video Korean Version had 2, 5 millon views in mere 4 hours after the release.

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 – EXO THE WAR ALBUM Korean Version Track List:

01 전야 (前夜) (The Eve)
02 Ko Ko Bop
03 What U do?
04 Forever
05 다이아몬드 (Diamond)
06 너의 손짓 (Touch It)
07 소름 (Chill)
08 기억을 걷는 밤 (Walk On Memories)
09 내가 미쳐 (Going Crazy)

 – EXO THE WAR Album Chinese Version track list:

01 破風 (The Eve)
02 叩叩趴 (Ko Ko Bop)
03 可愛·可惡 (What U do?)
04 我加你等於永遠 (Forever)
05 C樂章 (Diamond)
06 指語 (Touch It)
07 寒噤 (Chill)
08 夢迴暮夜 (Walk On Memories)
09 瘋語者 (Going Crazy)

Watch EXO Ko Ko Bop Music Video (EXO 叩叩趴) Chinese Version here

EXO Ko Ko Bop Korean lyrics:

EXO Ko Ko Bop Music Video

lyrics from: Klyrics

EXO Ko Ko Bop English Lyrics:

EXO Ko Ko Bop Music Video

English lyrics from: Genius

EXO Ko Ko Bop Korean Lyrics Romanization:

EXO Ko Ko Bop Music Video

Romanization by: Klyrics

Meanwhile, EXO will hold their first comeback stage for Ko Ko Bop on Mnet M COUNTDOWN on July 20. 

EXO Ko Ko Bop Music Video is definitely a bop that will be on replay all summer! 

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