First Teaser For BTS DNA MV Is Released

Teaser For BTS DNA MV Is Released

BTS Drops Teaser 1 For DNA Music Video Prior to September Comeback With Love Yourself 承 Her

At Midnight KST, September 15, BTS has finally revealed the first teaser for their upcoming music video DNA.

DNA is one of the songs, featured in their upcoming album Love Yourself: Her, which is due on September 18.

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As OSEN reported, DNA is going to be a title track. It is said to be a youthful and dynamic Electro-pop song with addictive whistle and acoustic guitar sounds. It was also mentioned, that this song will have a different sound and colors, compared to group’s previous releases. Although, it’s hard to predict what else BTS has in store for us.

Previously, they also shared a live showcase teaser called Comeback Show – BTS DNA.

Meanwhile, BTS DNA Music Video Teaser features member Jungkook whistling a song melody and slowly walking towards other group members. Then, they take a formation and proceed to showcase a piece of choreography.

Previously, Big Hit has already teased us with Love Yourself Posters. Then, Highlight Reel videos. Afterwards, with Jimin’s intro Serendipity. And concept photos for 4 album versions called L and O and V and E. Most recently, BTS revealed a track list for their upcoming album.

Also, BTS recently, have reached yet another huge milestone. Their Music Video Fire has reached 200 millions of views on YouTube.

Noteworthy, during this summer many songs had sort of a reggae feel and it was like a season’s trend. The fall seems to have a new trend going on. A.K.A whistling. Previously, B.A.P released Honeymoon MV, on 5th of September, which also focused on whistling sounds. Yay for the new trend!

After Teaser For BTS DNA MV Is Released are you excited?

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