BTS Fire MV Reached 200 Million Views On YouTube

BTS Fire MV Reached 200 Million Views

BTS Fire Music Video is second to reach 200 mln views after Dope.

Finally, BTS‘ music video Fire has reached 200 Million Views on YouTube! It is their second video to reach this milestone. With Dope being the first one, currently at 209 Million Views!

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On September 13, the Fire music video reached it’s 200 million views peak at around 1 am KST. The music video for Fire was released on the 2nd of May, last year. It recently reached 2.26 Million likes. They also remain to be the only KPOP Group to have 2 million likes on their music videos, which is amazing.

It garnered enough attention to be dubbed as their second music video to reach 100 Million Views this January, with Dope being the first one again. Fire is the 10th track on their previous album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.

The concept:

The whole concept for Fire setting everything, well, on fire. The video begins and sets the concept up in a really cool way. It starts with Suga approaching a hooded man, which is set on fire, after he shakes hand with him.

However, the scene with the stove, gathered the most attention. Their facial expressions and reaction over fire coming out of the stove captivated the viewer’s attention. It is a thing, which fire is supposed to be coming out of naturally, so it stirred up many laughs.

Finally, the music video ended so well. We can see BTS dancing in a large room with a large amount of backup dancers. The whole scene concluded the music video flawlessly.

Currently, BTS is busy preparing for their upcoming comeback with Love Yourself: Her album. The ARMYs are set on a mission to get as many of their music videos to reach 200 Million Views. This is their way for the boys to be pumped up just in time for their upcoming comeback. Furthermore, they are already set to make Blood, Sweat and Tears to reach 200 Million Views next. The ARMYs are indeed dedicated.

Are you happy that BTS Fire MV Reached 200 Million Views?

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