B.A.P Honeymoon Music Video And BLUE Album Are Released

BAP Honeymoon Music Video And BLUE Album

B.A.P Comeback with BLUE single album and Honeymoon MV is finally here

On September 5, 2017, B.A.P finally had their long awaited comeback with BLUE 7th Single Album. The title track is called Honeymoon and they released a music video to it on TS Entertainment official YouTube channel.

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“Life is colorful” – sings B.A.P in Honeymoon MV

Thanks to this bop of a music video, our lives indeed became even more colorful. All members are rocking bright and colorful hairstyles. And Hot Mullet Trend also has had its influence on B.A.P’s style.

B.A.P Honeymoon Music Video Review

Honeymoon music video has a dreamy concept with blue/green faded hue. All members look like majestic royal princes. They all go around beautiful nature scenery. And are seen along the sea, in the forest and in vast green fields. Seems like they indeed went on a honeymoon holiday.

Members gather at a white cover table, set in the middle of a field, and are enjoying some drinks. They are all dressed up in white chic clothes and the scene gives somewhat of an Alice In Wonderland vibe.

The song features strong vocals from B.A.P members Daehyun, Jongup, Youngjae and Himchan. Meanwhile, we also get powerful rap lines from Zelo and Yongguk. Honeymoon is a pop dance song with electronic sounds, whistles and unique guitar riffs.

Immediately, upon release #BAP_BLUE trended worldwide on Twitter together with #엑소_Power (EXO – Power), which was released at the same time.

BAP Honeymoon Music Video And BLUE Album

B.A.P BLUE Single Album Track List:


Previously, B.A.P had a comeback on March 7 with a single album called Rose and a music video Wake Me Up. Afterwards, they had a world tour and members Daehyun and Jongup had their solo debuts. Check out these iconic moments from Project Daehyun x Jongup here.

Good luck to B.A.P with their newest single album BLUE Promotions! Slay the charts, boys!

Watch B.A.P Honeymoon Japanese version here

[Update] And as always being biggest BABYz themselves, B.A.P released a support guide video. B.A.P members are teaching us the fan chants in a cute video. They also showed off their adorable Matoki whistles. We bet every BABY wants one of those.

Watch B.A.P fan chant support guide video here

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