BTS Comeback 2017 Love Yourself Concept Photos L And O Revealed

BTS Comeback 2017 Love Yourself Concept Photos

BTS Comeback 2017 Love Yourself Concept Photos

BTS Released Love Yourself Her Concept Photos L and O versions

On September 6, 2017, BTS has released two sets of concept photos for their upcoming comeback Love Yourself ‘Her’, that’s going down on September 18.

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First set of BTS Love Yourself concept photos is called ‘L‘ and it features BTS members wearing comfy, but chic home attires. BTS are in the house looking all dreamy. Members give off the vibe of a guy, who has fallen in love and is longing for his loved one.

Check out the first set on BTS concept photos ‘L’ , that were posted on official Big Hit Entertainment Facebook account.

The second set of images, called ‘O‘ has a dreamy and exotic vibe. BTS members are surrounded by clouds and flowers. Boys are showcasing their strong visuals through this concept photo set.

Check out BTS Love Yourself Her concept photo set ‘O’ here. 

Not many details were given regarding these concept photos, but since these sets are called L and O…we could probably expect the next teasers to be called V and E, if Big Hit decides to follow the LOVE theme. Who knows if those will also be photo teasers or maybe they will take it to the next level.

Meanwhile, BTS has previously started a countdown on their official website. It was followed by a release of the first video trailer entitled Serendipity and it featured member Jimin. Serendipity is expected to be the intro song to BTS upcoming album Love Yourself: Her. Previously, the rap line took the intro spot in BTS past releases. With Serendipity sung by Jimin, BTS is starting a vocal line intro era.

Prior to that, BTS has already revealed Love Yourself mini drama series of posters and highlight reel trailers.

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