EXO September Comeback Date Confirmed – The War: The Power of Music Repackage Album

EXO September Comeback Date Confirmed

EXO September Comeback Date Confirmed

EXO Confirms Comeback Date with The War: The Power Of Music album

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On August 30, 2017, EXO has finally set the official date of their upcoming album release.

EXO will be coming back on September 5th, 6PM KST. The album is a repackage of their previous THE WAR album.

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EXO’s fourth album repackage THE WAR: The Power of Music will consist of a total of 12 tracks. The album will feature three completely new tracks.

The new title song will be entitled “Power”.

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Title track Power is going to be an EDM song. It will include dynamic synthesizer sounds, strong energetic drum beat and addictive chorus. The song is promised to keep up the hype of previous album’s title track Ko Ko Bop.

Earlier today, they have teased us with yet another concept video. It was posted on SMTOWN official YouTube channel. The video is called POWER #RF_05.

Previously, they released The Power of Music #Total_Eclipse teaser. And later on, The Power of Music #Parallel_Universe teaser.

Meanwhile, media expressed, how EXO has gained worldwide attention with their unique storytelling. As well as connecting every detail to each other, since debut.

Fans noticed how SM has planned everything from the very beginning. And each album connects to new releases each time, in one way or another.

This time, POWER #RF_05 video revolves around power orbs, that represent EXO member’s super powers.

Many fans have expressed interest about member Lay. Unfortunately though, Error 404, member Lay not found in any of teasers this time around as well.

Finally, are you excited, after EXO September Comeback Date Confirmed?

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