EXO The Power Of Music POWER RF 05 Teaser Is Blowing Minds

Watch EXO The Power Of Music POWER RF 05 Teaser here

EXO Teases Us with POWER #RF_05 video

On August 30, 2017, EXO has dropped another teaser for their upcoming comeback with THE WAR: The Power Of Music repackaged album.

The video is entitled POWER #RF_05. The description includes hashtags #EXO #POWER #RedForce #Power_Orbs.

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In the teaser we see all members in a futuristic get up. The theme seems to be space travel. As teaser mentions EXO Planet. The concept revolves around member super powers. In addition, it is revealed, that there are power orbs for each member, that are somehow connected to their super powers.

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A Quick EXO POWER #RF_05 Theory:

What’s interesting, EXO shared another message, together with the video, that reads – “WARNING: Failure to Obtain Target’s Power Orb of Light”. As known, Baekhyun’s super power is light. In this teaser video he appears, for some reason, in quite a dim surrounding. Have they lost Baekhyun’s light orb? Could the upcoming music video, possibly, revolve around members trying to find it? Or perhaps, it’s just a coincidence? Also one of the hashtags reads #RedForce and Chanyeol is the first member to appear in the teaser. His power is fire and he appears in a red light. Meanwhile Baekhyun appears last. Is Chanyeol a culprit, who stole Baekhyun’s light, perhaps? Well, here we are making theories. EXO staph! But, of course, there’s no way things would be that easy with SM. What are your theories?

Earlier, EXO has teased us with The Power of Music #Parallel_Universe teaser, where members appeared in a retro setting. And even before that, they released The Power of Music #Total_Eclipse video, on a day of an actual solar eclipse.

EXO Confirmed a comeback date

At the moment, EXO has confirmed a comeback date and revealed some details about the album. It is known, that the album will feature 3 whole new tracks. One new track, which will be the album title song is confirmed to be called “Power“.

Meanwhile, Netizens are speculating about the other two new track names. They are guessing, one might be called “Red Force”, thus the hashtag included in POWER #RF_05 video. Also, some think, that another track might be called “Distortion”, since that word was emphasized in the teaser. But, some also expressed, how other tracks might be called Parallel Universe and Total Eclipse. Since, those hashtags were featured in the other teasers. Time will show.

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