Turn Up With BAP Daehyun And Jongup Party Baby Project Album

BAP Daehyun And Jongup Party Baby Project Album

photo: TS Entertainment

Turn Up with BAP Daehyun and Jongup Party Baby Project Album! Dominating the stage with their sizzling hot performances; taking fans’ breath away by their sultry voices and choreography, B.A.P is back again and they are ready to party up!

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But this time, two of their members have entered the realm of being a solo artist.

Following BAP’s amazing comeback, Wake Me Up, releasing a new album called Rose and indulging in a world tour [ called: Party Baby ] the group followed up with another activity that certainly captivated the fans. The two vocals of BAP—Jung Daehyun and Moon Jongup—have set out to promote their own songs for two weeks! Thus, the project Daehyun x Jongup has been born.

This album is called “Party Baby” and has been released on June 8, 2017. Their project album comprises of two songs. The first song is sung by Jung Daehyun, featuring Zelo of B.A.P who did the rapping, which is entitled Shadow. In addition, Moon Jongup sung Try My Luck.

Shadow is a self-composed song by Jung Daehyun. Artful lyrics are incorporated and the song depicts a story—a story of not being able to get over a breakup; thus, being left in the shadow of past.

The piece emphasizes powerful and soulful vocals; it also makes use of smooth falsettos and transitions from a high note to a lower one. Furthermore, the choreography delivers dynamic dance moves that blend with the song well. Without doubt, this song is powerful yet the meaning of the song is fragile like glass.

 Watch Daehyun Shadow on Show Music Core live here

On the other hand, Try My Luck is an alternative R&B that combines both Korean and Japanese. If Shadow talks about an unforgettable lover, this song talks about being intimate in a relationship.

Moon Jongup makes uses of his smooth and honey-like vocals in this song, giving it a sexy vibe. In addition, he also demonstrated his ability to rap; thus, adding life to the song. As for the choreography, it uses smooth dance moves, alluring the audience.

Watch Jongup Try My Luck on MCountdown live here

TS Entertainment has revealed the project last May 26, teasing the fans by releasing teaser images; consequently, accumulating hype.

The pair is to perform individually in The Show, Show Champion, MCountdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo. Jung Daehyun started performing in these venues last June 7, 2017 and ended on June 13, 2017. On the other hand, Moon Jongup started promoting on June 13, 2017.

So be sure to check out BAP Daehyun and Jongup Party Baby Project Album and join the party!

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