TS Released TRCNG Debut Spectrum MV

TRCNG Debut Spectrum MV

TS Entertainment new boy group TRCNG debuts with Spectrum MV and New Generation mini album

The new boy group under TS Entertainment finally made it’s debut into the Kpop scene. The name of the group is TRCNG (티알씨엔지) and they are the first boy group made by TS since 2012th, when they created B.A.P. TRCNG is a 10 member group and all members are 2000-liners and younger. Members are Jihun, Jisung, Hyunwoo, Hayoung, Hohyeon, Hakmin, Kangmin, Siwoo, Wooyeop and Taeseon. They are also now called B.A.P’s, Sonamoo’s and Secret’s little brother group, since they all come from the same company.

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The music video for their first mini album’s title track Spectrum is pretty impressive for the group, who just debuted. Their agency stated that the MV will show powerful performances and the intense energy of ten members. It includes many special effects.

TRCNG Debut Spectrum MV

The choreography is really good too and it’s hard to believe these boys’ average age is just 15,9 years. The vocals and rapping aren’t lacking either. Boys clearly showed they have many talents. It was previously reported, that some of TRCNG members trained together with B.A.P.

TRCNG Debut Spectrum MV

New Generation first mini album is made of six songs. Ray Of Light, Spectrum (title), My Very First Love, I’m The One, Don’t Stop The Dancing, 0 (Young).

TRCNG Debut Spectrum MV

Spectrum title track is a hip-hop dance composition with trap beats and quite cinematic sound. Moreover, Hohyeon and Jisung co-wrote the rap lines for this track. Through this debut song boys are hoping to show their wide-ranging musical spectrum to the Kpop world.

TRCNG Debut Spectrum MV

Prior to the MV release due date, TS revealed videos and photo teasers introducing each member. One day before debut the boys also shared their thoughts about upcoming debut via video. They were saying that it’s hard to believe there’s just one day left till their debut. Also, they promised to make great performances for their dear fans and asked to look forward to it. Moreover, they promised to work really hard and they are hoping that many people will support them.

Good luck to the boys with their upcoming promotions!

Source: OSEN

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