JYP Drops GOT7 Comeback You Are MV And 7 for 7 Album

Watch GOT7 Comeback You Are MV here

GOT7 Comeback is slaying with You Are Music Video

On October 10, GOT7 finally returned with their 7th mini album 7 for 7. They also released a music video for the title track called You Are.

As always, the music video had a great production value. It was also quite different from GOT7’s previous concepts and releases. GOT7 Comeback You Are MV was filmed in Hong Kong, as previously reported. GOT7 are seen roaming the streets and vast fields. This gives a really sensible vibe of the fall.

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You Are is a contemporary pop song with futuristic sounds and an explosive chorus. It will easily captivate its listeners. The song was composed by leader JB. The meaning behind this composition is that someone you love will become the way that guides you and the feeling of comfort one gets when looking at the sky after getting tired.

GOT7 Comeback You Are MV

During the live showcase JB revealed, that he was inspired after watching the movie “Your Name“, which had many beautiful scenes of the sky.

“This song can be interpreted in many different ways. Such as the relationship between GOT7 and fans. Our parents and us. And of course us and our lovers.” – he said. 

Moreover, the original title of You Are was supposed to be “Beautiful Sky“, but it got changed due to JYP’s decision.

GOT7 Comeback You Are MV

7 for 7 album consists of exactly 7 tracks, produced by GOT7 members themselves, together with other talented producers.

GOT7 Comeback You Are MV

The album includes such songs as Moon U, Teenager, You Are (title), Firework, Remember You, To Me and Face.

GOT7 Comeback You Are MV

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment’s head Park Jinyoung praised GOT7 and said in his post, that he’s been watching GOT7 grow for past 4 years.

GOT7 Comeback You Are MV

This album was a challenge GOT7 had taken upon themselves. They created a different sound this time. All members participated in co-writing the lyrics and co-composing the songs. Of course, this made 7 for 7 album much more meaningful.

GOT7 Comeback You Are MV

Shortly after the release, GOT7’s You Are song already took over the top positions on various real time charts in Korea.

GOT7 Comeback You Are MV

In addition, GOT7 will also release a special lyric video on October 14. So be sure to check that out as well, when it’s released. GOT7 member BamBam worked on the video himself. One day prior to comeback, GOT7 held a showcase, where BamBam talked about producing the video.

“I learned video editing because I wanted to express my feelings and share them from my own perspective, if I’m able to edit them myself, while being abroad.” – BamBam revealed.

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