SM Confirmed EXO September Comeback 2017

SM Confirmed EXO September Comeback 2017

SM Confirmed EXO September Comeback 2017.

SM Entertainment Confirms EXO September 2017 Comeback

Just as they wrapped up their promotions for THE WAR album, EXO already announced they will be coming back again in September.

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On August 21, EXO’s agency SM Entertainment released a statement,

“We are planning to release EXO THE WAR repackage album in early September and we will announce the exact schedule as soon as it is decided.”

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Prior to that, EXO shared a mysterious hint on their Twitter account. It was about the solar eclipse, that was happening on August 21, across North America. Apparently, EXO is hinting that they will release a teaser at around that time. And possibly, the theme of the comeback could be related to solar eclipse.

EXO’s upcoming album is going to be a repackaged version of their 4th studio album THE WAR.

Many fans have expressed hopes, that member Lay will take part in this release. Well, let’s all hope he does.

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Meanwhile, EXO The War album has become their Quadruple Million Sales album. They also slayed many Korean and international music charts with this album and their title track Ko Ko Bop.

Finally, we wish EXO good luck with the upcoming comeback.

After SM Confirmed EXO September Comeback 2017, what do you think it will be like?

Source: Xports News

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