Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On MONSTA X

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On MONSTA X

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On MONSTA X (photo by StayKiho)

Monbebes say – stan MONSTA X, stan talent and here’s why!

Starship Entertainment is known for their great singers and their famous Kpop Girl Group Sistar. But as time passed, They started to come up with a plan to search for young male aspirants to make the group that will be called MONSTA X. They made a survival competition show called “No.Mercy” and all male trainees competed for their chance to debut. Luckily Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M survived the eliminations and now they are members of MONSTA X. They debuted on May 14, 2015 with music video Trespass. After debut they won 1theK Performance Award at the Melon Music Awards and Next Generation Asian Artist at Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) 2015. These guys proved to be talented artists and today we want to discuss the list of reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on MONSTA X.

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Why should you stan MONSTA X?

Well if you’re interested in MONSTA X, we’ll give you Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On MONSTA X.

  • First of all, their amazing music

Of course, the music comes above all. The boys are shining in various genres. Started off as a hip-hop style group, the boys proved to be skilled in different genres as well. From fierce hip-hop tracks to soft ballads, they can pull it off easily. Not only they are great rappers, they are amazing singers and dancers too. To add extra more, they produce music themselves. Find a group, who can do it all – MONSTA X is one of the rare ones.

Check out Beautiful MV by Monsta X here

  • These precious boys are multi-talented individuals.

Yes they are. The Vocals can also be Rappers and the Rappers can also be Vocals.

And if handsomeness is a talent, add it to the list – the group has some great visuals.

They can also play music instruments. Kihyun plays guitar and piano. Minhyuk also said he would love to learn to play guitar and perform for his fans. Moreover, they can produce music and make amazing beats. They often compose and write the lyrics for their songs themselves.

They are models, designers and also they have great acting skills. Their drama parody in MONSTA X-RAY2 is worth gold.

They also modeled for famous brands together as a group. Recently, Monsta X signed with famous Italian brand KappaHyungwon was a well known model even before his debut with Monsta X.

Moreover, member Wonho have designed clothes for Monsta X.

Jooheon wearing a coat designed by Wonho.

In addition, they took part in dramas The Producers, KBS2 (2015), High-End Crush, NAVER TV Crash (2015) and Goodnight, Teacher, iQiyi (2016)

Furthermore, gaming is one of their talents too. MONSTA X members love video games. And they have proven to be great gamers.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On MONSTA X

twt: Wonbebe

Member Wonho is also skilled in Taekwondo. Kihyun is a great cook and also is very good at cleaning. Moreover, they are good at languages. Members I.M and Jooheon speak English. Wonho speaks 3 languages – Korean, Japanese and French.

Shownu is not only a skilled dancer, but a choreographer as well. He is known for choreographing Monsta X dances himself on many occasions.

  • Kings of Aegyo, Memes and Sexiness

You wouldn’t believe how these handsome and charismatic men can be full of cuteness and do ugly things, but still look so cute. From their sexiness to their heart pumping cuteness. You really wouldn’t be able to resist it.

Member Jooheon is the renowned king of aegyo. He even came up with his own original “kku kku kka kka” aegyo. He says he likes his cute image more then his bad boy rapper swag. His adorable dimples are a great addition to his cuteness. On the other hand, member Minhyuk is known as the group’s happy virus and the mood setter thanks to his bright and cute personality.

Monsta X – the kings of aegyo!

Whatever Monsta X does almost instantly becomes a meme. Especially, member Hyungwon is known for his funny and lively reactions. On several occasions he became an internet meme.

Reasons to stan Monsta X

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On MONSTA X

Of course, their sexy image is not lacking at all. Have you seen MONSTA X abs? They sexy and they know it and luckily for us they ain’t afraid to show it. Member Wonho has gained popularity for his sexy body and love to flash his abs. And of course, images of him wearing short shorts have gone viral many times. Everyone just loves his beautiful legs, including himself.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On MONSTA X

photo: BieLitz

Wonho and his booty shorts had been making headlines!

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On MONSTA X

cr. photo: STAYKIHO

  • They have soft and kind personalities

Behind all their badass performances and bad boy image, they are very sensitive and soft on the inside. Their kindness to everyone even if it’s not their fan is very heartwarming. They are very thankful for everything and very generous, especially to their parents. MONSTA X proved times and times again how sweet they are. They love animals and children and it’s mutual.

Fans can’t stop watching their adorable interactions with babies and animals on MONSTA X-RAY reality show.

Wonho mentioned all the staff members on  a jacket he designed himself to honor them.

Recently, at Soribada award, right after receiving their award, member Shownu asked the audience to pray for people in Mexico, where an earthquake happened.

Monsta X taking care of babies

  • MONSTA X and MONBEBE are a Family

Their in-explainable love to us all Monbebes is very heartwarming. The fandom and MONSTA X really works like a family. Both of them supports each other and loves each other. The Monbebe fandom is really peaceful and love is making the fandom strong. Monbebes thrive to be peaceful always and oath to protect and support MONSTA X with kindness and without harming anyone. Just like Monbebes, MONSTA X oaths to love and protect Monbebes. The love and peace within the fandom and family of MONSTA X – MONBEBES is relationship goals that everyone would admire. Noteworthy, Monsta X even dedicated a song to their fans.

Monsta X song I’ll Be There translation

Wonho explains about the song I’ll Be There he wrote for fans

  • Dedication to their work and to MONBEBES

MONSTA X’ dedication in making great music for the industry and their fans is really admirable. They always put great efforts to make great music. They give their everything to their beloved fans – MONBEBES. There are times when they become sleepless and tired, but still keep themselves up to write lyrics and make great rhythms for their albums and give their best during live performances. Member Shownu said that he’s the type of artist who’s never satisfied with himself and always wants to try new genres. Wonho said he loves to study music production and he delivered. He wrote I’ll Be There song for Monbebes.

There are more than these reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on MONSTA X and love them. Try being a part of our MONBEBE World and you will know how much we value these boys and why.

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Just because you all need to see this – Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On MONSTA X

Meanwhile, MONSTA X received a Bonsang Award on the 1st Soribada Best K-Music Awards.

On September 20, 2017,  Soribada held it’s first ever awards show –  the 1st Soribada Best K-Music Awards. And luckily, MONSTA X had been given the Bonsang Award. Alongside Gfriend, B.A.P, MAMAMOO, T-ARA, BTOB, TWICE, Hwang Chi Yeol, RED VELVET, VIXX, and EXO. The Bonsang Award is awarded to up to 12 artists by calculating album and digital sales with online votes and a final judgement by the jury of the award ceremony.

Monsta X receives Bonsang award. Shownu speaks about people in Mexico

Congratulations to MONSTA X and all the winners!

The list of Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On MONSTA X could be endless, but we’ll stop here for now.

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