MONSTA X Shine Forever Repackage Hits 500k Views In Three Hours

MONSTA X Shine Forever Repackage

MONSTA X Shine Forever Repackage

The boy group, created through a survival show NO.MERCY, on Mnet in 2015, Monsta X, released “SHINE FOREVER” 1st Repackaged Full Album on June 19, 2017. They posted a new version of SHINE FOREVER Music Video on Starship Entertainment official YouTube channel as a wrap on their The Clan series. It was uploaded at exactly 6 pm KST and a live streaming was done through Naver Vlive app.

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Members, Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M again exhibited their skills and charms as they slayed in the Music Video which made every MONBEBE (Official fandom name) fall in love.

MONSTA X Shine Forever Repackage

The MV is full of emotions wherein Kihyun was blindfolded and there is a car accident scene in the first part. A fighting scene was also included and in the last part, MONSTA X literally shined, as lights glowed around them. The shooting area is also stunning.

MONSTA X Shine Forever Repackage

The MV reached exactly 454,439 views and it is still counting in just three hours. The fans are very impressed and making a buzz in the social media sites with the hashtags #SHINE_FOREVER #MONSTA_X. In less than an hour, MONSTA X claimed the second spot on Hanteo Album Chart and the top spot trending on Melon with the love and support of MONBEBEs.

Monsta X (몬스타엑스) – SHINE FOREVER Track list is composed of 12 songs:

03. Ready or Not
04. 아름다워 (Beautiful)
05. 넘사벽 (Incomparable)
06. 니가 필요해 (Need U)
07. Oi
08. Miss You
09. Calm Down
10. 너만 생각해 (All I Do)
11. 5:14 (Last Page)
12. 넌 어때 (I`ll Be There)

Album songs include various genres, such as Dance, Rap and Hip-Hop.

The album was officially released on June 19, shortly after MONSTA X’ first world tour ‘Beautiful in Seoul’ last 17-18 June at Olympic Hall. Repackaged version includes two new songs, “Shine Forever” and “Gravity”.

Watch MONSTA X Shine Forever Repackage MV here


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