Weekly Kpop Music Show Results [2.07.17 – 8.07.17] Girl Power Sweeps 6 Trophies

Weekly Kpop Music Show Results

Weekly Kpop Music Show Results July 2, 2017 – July 8, 2017

SBS Inkigayo Results 2.07.2017

BLACKPINK wins first place on SBS Inkigayo

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Debut stage:

BBASSONG – Sorry Mom

Comeback stages:

UP10TION – Runner

NC.A – Love Me

Apink – Kok Kok & Five

Featured stages:


NCT 127




Highlighted Performance: NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb

On July 2 2017, NCT 127 returned to Inkigayo with the title track Cherry Bomb.

This performance showed more of a young vibe. They used bright colours with mostly red themed staging and attires, which matched the title track theme.

Weekly Kpop Music Show Results

SBS The Show Results 4.07.2017

Apink get their first win with Five on SBS The Show

Debut stage:

20 Years of Age – Remind Me

Comeback stages: 

VAV – ABC (Middle of the Night)

Badkiz – Give It To Me

Featured stages:




Nine Muses

Winner: Apink ?
Highlighted Performance: Nine Muses – Remember

First of all, the stage was filled with dark colours, while Nine Muses wore all white attires to match the theme of fallen angels.

MBC Show Champion Results 5.07.2017

Lee Hyori has comeback with Black on MBC Show Champion

Comeback Stage:

Lee Hyori – Black

Featured Stages:

Cosmic Girls (WJSN)




Winner: Apink ?
Highlighted Performance: Lee Hyori – Black

The set has a dark Gothic vibe, Lee Hyori is seen wearing a black lace dress surrounded by dancers. The choreography is sharp and also has symbolic meanings.

Weekly Kpop Music Show Results

Mnet M Countdown Results 6.07.2017

Mnet M Countdown KCON NY Special

Featured Stages:






NCT 127


Special stages:

TWICE – Bad Girl Good Girl, Nobody & Honey

Winner: MAMAMOO ?x5
Highlighted Performance: SF9 – Call me Baby & Boy in Luv

While, the opening of the special stage was quite dark with only a few members appearing. The choreography for Boy in Luv was sharp and had a fresh vibe.

Weekly Kpop Music Show Results

KBS2 Music Bank Results 7.07.2017

MAMAMOO achieve 6th win for Yes I Am on KBS2 Music Bank

Comeback stages:

HALO – Here I am

Kim Taewoo – Following

Featured stages:




Monsta X

Winner: MAMAMOO ?x6
Highlighted Performance: MAMAMOO – Yes I Am

We see MAMAMOO perform with a simple set. Wheein is wearing a bright pink net t-shirt matching the bright colours of the stage.

Click here to watch MAMAMOO – Yes I Am stage

MBC Show! Music Core Results 8.07.2017

BLACKPINK light up the MBC Show! Music Core stage with As If It’s Your Last

Comeback stage:

Lee Hyori – Seoul & Black

Featured Stages:

Parc Jaejung



Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

Winner: Apink ?
Highlighted Performance: BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last

BLACKPINK is seen in different styled attires surrounded by confetti. The choreography is sharp and fits alongside the beat.

Weekly Kpop Music Show Results

Recently, it was revealed Red Velvet, Zico and Cosmic Girls will be having their comebacks this upcoming week.

What comeback are you looking forward to?

Stay tuned for next week’s Weekly Kpop Music Show Results!

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