[QUIZ] Which BTS Member Are You?


Which BTS member are you?

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BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan – popular Korean Boy Group has shook many fangirl’ hearts. They’ve been gaining insane popularity all over the world, thanks to their awesome self-produced music, stunning visuals and unbelievable charisma on and off stage.

They are loved by their fans dearly and their fandom BTS ARMYs are going out of their way to do anything for the boys. Voting, streaming Music Videos and songs, getting them countless awards and and much more.

BTS members are known to be very down to Earth and super friendly, as well as just genuinely nice guys. This plays a very big role in their success, since many fans find them very relatable and it’s not hard to imagine being friends with the boys.

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Possibly, many fans would like to know how it feels to walk in BTS shoes. Many have their own favorite member and a member they could compare themselves too. So we prepared this BTS Quiz for you to try and see, which member is closer to your personality type.

Take this BTS QUIZ to find out which member you are most similar to

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