Striking NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB Comeback And Why They Can Become Next EXO

Striking NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB Comeback

photo: SM

NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB Comeback Album, MV overview and facts that suggest NCT can potentially become the next EXO.

On June 14, 2017 Korean rookie boy group under SM EntertainmentNCT 127 released their new Cherry Bomb MV.

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First of all, keeping up with their traditional style of music, their new song Cherry Bomb is urban hip-hop style with elements of dance. It goes perfectly with their sequence dancing, which is featured heavily.

Cherry bomb is from their third mini album and has already sold 100,000 pre-orders due to the success of their previous comeback.

Limitless sold 101,444 in pre-orders alone. They’ve gained more success throughout the past year.

In addition, the group had a big collaboration with the American producer Dem Jointz for their title track, which featured rap lyrics by members Mark  and Taeyong.

Striking NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB Comeback

photo: SM

Cherry Bomb MV really shows what NCT is all about. It’s bright and colorful, with the use of graffiti graphics, which makes the video visually pleasing and gives off a fresh new vibe.

They used previous references through their fashion using the same clothing print from their past album NCT 127 (EP) cover.

Striking NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB Comeback

photo: SM

NCT (엔시티) is made up of three sub units NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT Dream. They all bring a different element to the group name NCT (Neo Culture Technology).

This past Spring we saw NCT Dream achieve their first win with their single My First and Last.

As a result of all their hard work, NCT  fans are hoping for a big comeback win, so make sure you vote and keep streaming the MV.

Striking NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB Comeback

photo: SM

Besides that, they recently announced the official fandom name through their Naver V LIVE channel. NCT fandom name is NCTzen. It stands for the fans being citizens of NCT. (NCT is pronounced as N city)

NCT  will surely be gaining more fans with their striking fashion and strong rap abilities, and as a result, could likely become the new brother group to EXO. 

NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB Comeback

photo: SM

NCT 127 CHERRY BOMB Comeback MV has had some raving reviews by K-Pop fans from all over the world

“Fans: Good lord give these boys their first win they’re so talented and deserve it already”

“I think this is a great step for NcT 127 in their career”

“They are the best boy rookie group out there at the moment with their music styles and dances”

Watch NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb MV here

Furthermore, they recently held a comeback showcase for Cherry Bomb, presenting songs from their latest album Cherry Bomb, including “0 Mile (Ø Mile)”.

Finally on June 15, 2017, NCT 127 had their comeback stage on MCountdown. They performed both OMile and Cherry Bomb to a most noteworthy fanchant during the performances.

Watch NCT 127 Cherry Bomb MCountdown performance here
Watch NCT 127 0 Mile MCountdown performance here

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