Red Velvet Comeback Red Flavor To Boost Your Vitamin Levels

Watch Red Velvet Comeback Red Flavor MV here

Red Velvet returns with a Summer mini album

On July 9, 2017, Red Velvet returned with their summer mini album titled The Red Summer and the title track is called Red Flavor.

This comeback is showing more of a summer vibe. Joy and Yeri both dyed their hair for this comeback. They used vibrant colours with mostly red themed attires, which matched the album theme.

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The reactions from their fandom ReVeluv were extremely positive 

“I am really in love with this song”

“This is awesome”

Red Velvet finally released their summer single Red Flavor

First of all, the MV was filled with bright colours and fruit themed special effects.

While, during the opening of the MV we see each member interviewing a fruit, one special effect was used – the members are seen changing positions each time the fruit changes.

Red Velvet is seen in red and white attires surrounded by moving images of fruit symbolising a summer feel.

We see Joy dancing around a balcony surrounded by trees. Joy is wearing a red and white two piece attire matching the theme of summer fruits.

The MV set changes to various images of fruits and  Red Velvet are all wearing vibrant attires to match. The choreography is sharp and very catchy.

Finally, the song has a unique sound and sounds like a typical Red Velvet track.

Red Velvet Red Summer Mini Album Track List:

1: “Red Flavor” (빨간 맛) is the title track for the album

2: “You Better Know”

3: “Zoo” music composed by LDN Noise

4:  “Mojito” (여름빛)

5:  “Hear the Sea” (바다가 들려)

Previously, the group posted teasers for the Red Velvet comeback on their Twitter page. The teaser showed two versions, both had a red and black special effect.

First picture showed the girls opening a door, while holding on to each other. The second picture showed each member walking through a forest.

Additionally, each member had an individual teaser, which had the theme of summer school break with graduation themed attires.

Red Velvet comeback Red Flavor on Inkigayo

Recently, on the latest episode of Inkigayo, Red Velvet had their comeback stage. They performed Red Flavor and You Better Know. Red Velvet’s fandom ReVeluv chanted strong throughout the performances.

Also, the group recently appeared on SNL Korea and will be appearing on A Hyung I Know (Knowing Brothers) this week so look forward to it.

Lastly, on July 8, 2017, Red velvet performed their latest track Red Flavor for the first time at the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI In SEOUL.

What’s your opinion on Red Velvet Comeback Red Flavor?

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