JYP Drops GOT7 You Are MV Teaser For Upcoming Comeback

Watch GOT7 You Are MV Teaser here

GOT7 drops MV Teaser for You Are Prior to Their October Comeback

On October 6, following a beautiful image video, that featured JB’s vocals, GOT7 shared an MV teaser.

Boys are set to have a comeback on October 10, 12PM KST. They will release their 7th mini album titled 7 FOR 7 and a music video for the title track You Are.

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Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment dropped You Are MV Teaser. GOT7 members are seen having fun together in the streets of Hong Kong, where they previously headed out to film an MV.

GOT7 You Are MV Teaser

Members are seen in their new handsome looks. They are showing off their even more mature image and beautiful bright hair colors.

GOT7 You Are MV Teaser

In addition, GOT7 emphasizes their unity by making ”all things 7”.

GOT7 You Are MV Teaser

The album is called 7 for 7. Also it consists of 7 tracks. Moreover, GOT7 previously shared an image video at exactly 7:47, which is similar to 7 FOR 7.

GOT7 You Are MV Teaser

And Last but not least, they are showing pieces of their emblem coming together as a whole in You Are music video teaser.

GOT7 You Are MV Teaser

Check out this thread for all the updates on GOT7’s upcoming comeback.

Good luck to GOT7 with their upcoming promotions!

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