GOT7 You Are Image Video Teases Us With JB’s Vocals

Watch GOT7 You Are Image Video here

GOT7 drops You Are image video featuring JB’s vocals

On October 6, 7:47 PM KST, JYP Entertainment released an eye pleasing image video for GOT7’s comeback. GOT7 are coming back this October 10 with their 7th mini album titled 7 FOR 7. So they chose a perfect timing to drop this teaser. 7:47 aka 7 FOR 7. Very clever, GOT7.

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In addition, the album consists of 7 tracks to make it even more meaningful. Since GOT7 is emphasizing their unity as 7 member group with this comeback.

Meanwhile, this beautiful image video features JB’s soulful vocals. He is humming a song, while all GOT7 members appear in the settings we have previously seen in their individual teasers.

Furthermore, GOT7 is set to release a teaser for their upcoming music video You Are today, so stay tuned for that.

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