GOT7 Announces Their Comeback Schedule “FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL” In March 2017

GOT7 announces comeback schedule with <FLIGHT LOG : ARRIVAL>  album for March 13th, 2017 on JYP Entertainment website.

7 member group will be continuing their FLIGHT LOG theme with a trilogy <FLIGHT LOG : ARRIVAL> following <FLIGHT LOG : Departure> and <FLIGHT LOG : Turbulence> albums released back in 2016th.

Official Website posted a timeline photo presenting the dates of teaser releases for each member as well as album spoiler, user guide, a Music Video release date and first showcase schedule.

First stage will be held on the same day as the release of an Official Music Video on March 13th, 2017.

See the detailed information about the release dates in the picture below.

GOT7 Announces Comeback Schedule


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