Charlie Puth Misspelled BTS Jungkook’s Name On Twitter While Thanking Him For Covering His Song

Fans found it hilariously cute that Charlie Puth misspelled BTS Jungkook’s name on Twitter accidentally  while thanking him for the cover of his song “We don’t talk anymore”. Famous artist wrote “Love this Jungcook” in reply to Bangtan’s tweet of the song cover.

Earlier today Jeon Jungkook’s cover of famous Charlie Puth’s song was posted on BTS Youtube channel.

It’s known that Charlie Puth has appreciated BTS member’s Jungkook’s work before and they were following each other on Twitter for some time now.

After the full cover was released today Charlie took it to Twitter again to thank Jungkook for covering his song. However singer accidentally misspelled said BTS member’s name and called him “Jungcook” which made BTS fandom lose their sides from laughter.

Who knows? Charlie was tweeting about Jams and food shopping earlier…maybe he was just hungry  He probably didn’t mean to cook up a strorm! 🙂

Charlie Puth Misspelled BTS Jungkook's Name On Twitter

BTS fandom Army found that little mistake really amusing and cute. They were also really grateful to Charlie for giving “Kookie” a shout out. Fans promptly proceeded to respond to Charlie’s tweet with hilarious pictures of Jungkook dressed as a cook or spam him with a bunch of BTS reaction memes.

Some of Charlie’s fans found it slightly annoying but for the most part everyone was having lots of fun and Army’s were vigorously sending their gratitude to a world star singer.

Check out some of the hilarious tweets here

Charlie Puth Misspelled BTS Jungkook's Name On Twitter

Some of our favorite ones xD

Charlie Puth Misspelled BTS Jungkook's Name On Twitter


Check out Jeon Jungkook’s or Jungcook’s or perhaps Jungshook’s cover of “We don’t talk anymore” here.

“Love this Jungcook”

– Charlie Puth 2017

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