G Dragon Touched Kim Kardashian Butt And She Liked It

G Dragon Touched Kim Kardashian Butt

G Dragon Touched Kim Kardashian Butt

G Dragon Touched Kim Kardashian Butt And She Thought It’s Fire

Couple of days ago, netizens discovered something really fun.

A quite humorous situation has occurred on the Internet among world famous celebrities G-Dragon and Kim Kardashian.

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Recently, G-Dragon and David Grutman were hanging out in Miami during GD’s break from his world tour M.O.T.T.E ACT III.

In Biscayne Bay Korean celebrity had an encounter with an inflatable butt of Kim Kardashian.

K-pop star decided not to act shy and proceeded to touch it. This resulted in a photo being taken, which was later uploaded onto David’s Instagram. Soon after, many fans have discovered the picture and had a good laugh. They weren’t the only ones, who found it amusing, however. Along with GD, Kim K had a good laugh too.

The hilarious part is that not only netizens have found the picture amusing, but Kim K herself commented on it after being tagged.

G Dragon Touched Kim Kardashian Butt

Furthermore, Kim Kardashian has liked the picture and responded with 3 fire emojis. Her sisters, apparently, found it hilarious as well and have liked the picture.

Moreover, fans of both sides found the whole thing amusing. They took to Instagram to express how they are happy, that GD is having a great time. G-Dragon’s fans thanked David for being such a great host for their beloved GD.

Do you find it amusing that G Dragon Touched Kim Kardashian Butt?

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