TOP 10 List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples From First Half Of 2017

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

TOP 10 List of Hottest Hallyu Star couples, K-Pop couples and K-Drama couples of 2017

This year has been quite a shake up for the K-Entertainment industry. Such as, disbanding of many popular K-Pop groups to happy wedding news. Even though, we’re only 7 months into the year, many things have happened already.

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Let’s count down the 2017 Top 10 List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples for the first half of the year.

10: Baek Jinhee & Yoon Hyunmin

Back in March 2017, it was confirmed, that actors Yoon Hyunmin and Baek Jinhee were dating and had been since April 2016.

Reportedly, the couple met on the set of their drama My daughter Geum Sa Wol. Previously, they had two occurrences, where dating rumors between the two resurfaced, which both parties denied. Later on,they admitted to be dating, however.

Yoon Hyunmin appeared on the show I Live Alone, where he admitted he has a sweet nickname for Baek Jinhee. “Ye-ppeun-e”, which means beautiful in Korean. The couple enjoyed a vacation together in New York City in early June and took to Instagram to share their travel adventures.

9: Ex After School UEE & M.I.B Kangnam

Recently, actors/singers UEE and Kangnam confirmed to be dating and have been for three months. UEE previously denied the romance rumour through her personal Instagram account. Later on, she deleted the post and even shared a picture of them together.

Dispatch released photos of the couple on a date, which lead the couple to announce the news. The couple met during the filming of the show Law of the Jungle – New Zealand.

8: Girls’ Day Sojin & Eddy Kim

On June 28, it was confirmed by Dream T Entertainment that Girls’ Day Sojin and singer Eddy Kim were dating. The couple met during the filming for Channel CGV’s I’m a Movie Director too: Youth Movie, back in August 2016.

They have been dating for two months and have developed a strong friendship, beforehand.

7: SISTAR Bora & BIGSTAR FeelDog

News broke, that SISTAR Bora and BIGSTAR FeelDog had been in a relationship for a year. Many sources came forward to reveal, that the couple was seen holding hands.

Hook Entertainment, which is Bora’s new agency, confirmed the news and it was later revealed the two met through the show Hit the Stage.

6: BoA & Joo Won

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

Starting the year off on a high note it was confirmed on January 18, that K-Pop legend BoA and actor Joo Won were dating and had been since 2016.

Joo Won’s label Huayi Brothers released a statement, confirming the information to be true.

Joo Won has recently enlisted in army and will finish his military service in 2019. Meanwhile, BoA will be waiting for him and she frequently sends him letters.

5: SHINHWA Eric & Na Hyemi

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

The confirmed dating news of SHINHWA Eric and actress Na Hyemi were revealed on February 23, in which Eric’s label E&J Entertainment released a statement.

Dispatch went on to post pictures of the couple on a date during December 2016.

It was later announced the couple would be getting married on July 1, 2017 at Youngnak Church in Junggu, Seoul, South Korea.

A guest has shared a video of the wedding ceremony on Instagram

눈빛 예술 ㅠ____ㅜ ??

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4: FTISLAND Choi Jonghoon & Son Yeonjae

FNC Entertainment confirmed the relationship between FTIsland Jonghoon and YeonJae, a former individual rhythmic gymnast. Agency released a statement on June 14, confirming the rumors. Dispatch had previously released pictures of the couple on a number of dates.

Recently, FTIsland leader Jonghoon appeared on a variety show where they mentioned Yeonjae. This caused Jonghoon to blush.

3: Lee Joongi & Jeon Hyebin

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

On April 4, 2017, actors Lee Joongi and Jeon HyeBin were revealed to be a couple. Namoo Actors confirmed the news, stating:

“The couple started as friends in 2013 and have lots in common, which lead to a relationship in 2016.”

They worked together in a drama called Joseon Gunman in 2014, which resulted in a friendship. Afterwards, both actors were caught together several times, but have denied to be in a relationship until 2017.

2: Song Joongki & Song Hyekyo

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples

The world was shocked by the sudden news of actors Joongki and Hyekyo marriage plans. Both their agencies confirmed the news and the wedding will be held on October 31, 2017.

The couple was reportedly dating after the filming of Descendants of the Sun and Dispatch posted pictures of the couple in Japan dating back to January.

Needless to say, fans have heavily shipped the couple, since the drama release. They even received a nickname SongSong Couple.

1: Lee Sungkyung & Nam Joohyuk

The couple have been friends since their modelling days and went on to star in a hit Korean drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

But on April 24, YG Entertainment confirmed, that actors/models have been dating. Moreover, their dates were revealed through pictures by Dispatch.

Naturally, fans began to suspect the two were really dating, when Joohyuk and Sungkyung kept posting images of them together on their Instagram accounts.

복주녕 Forever

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Crown of the List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples – Lee Sungkyung and Nam Joohyuk.

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Luckily, the couple was praised by many fans of the show. The chemistry between the two was so strong, the fans have shipped them since the beginning of the drama. Many kept asking them to date already through comments on celebrity SNS accounts. After the happy announcement came through, fans said, that Kim Bok Joo really did get her man in the end.

Meanwhile, Nam Joohyuk is starring in an ongoing TVN K-Drama The Bride of Habaek, along with Krystal Jung and Gong Myeong.

Which is your favourite from the List Of Hottest KDrama And KPop Couples of the year so far?

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