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BoA – The Queen of K-Pop has returned

On June 26, 2017, BoA 권보아 released her new MV titled Camo.

The last comeback BoA had was back in 2015, with her 8th Korean Album titled Kiss my Lips.

This comeback is for a current project, which is being described as a project created to deliver BoA’s stunning performance. They released three teaser images with all different colours and BoA looking glamorous.

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The reactions from fans were filled with positive reviews:

“This is another bop”

“This is how you go solo”

BoA finally releases her long awaited single Camo

First of all, the MV was filled with dark colours and different locations.

While, the opening for the MV is quite dark with only BoA appearing down a dark corridor, one very special effect was used – mysterious smoke appearing from BoA’s shoulders.

BoA is seen in a bold black one piece attire surrounded by dancers symbolizing a futuristic feel. The scene is covered by a grey scale special effect, giving the MV a slight edge.

We see BoA walking through an enchanted forest, which is covered by electric trees, BoA is wearing a camouflage two-piece matching the theme of the track.

The MV set changes to a secret garden, where BoA is joined by a number of dancers all wearing camouflage style attires. The choreography is clean and sharp and it also highlights BoA’s ability to be 30 and still feel like a 21 year old.

Finally, the song is a typical BoA track which we all love. It’s much edgier and has a unique sound. The beginning of the song could be compared to Eat You Up due to the opening beat.

SM Entertainment went on to reveal a surprise announcement

BoA will be performing Camo for the first time at the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in SEOUL on July 8. The performance will be filled with breathtaking choreography and mind blowing vocals.

Previously, BoA released a track for SM Station titled Spring Rain.

In addition, the single Camo peaked at #5 on Genie within the first few hours from when it was released.

What’s your opinion on BoA Comeback Camo?

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