B.A.P All The Way Up Song Controversy

B.A.P All The Way Up Song Controversy

All The Way Up song was previously already sold to another artist. B.A.P had no clue…

It’s only been few days ever since B.A.P came back with their new album Blue which seems to be the follow-up of their color series (or is it the end? Wink, wink)  The album featured 3 songs—Honeymoon, a song about being free; All The Way Up which talks about flying higher than before, and Rewind. Again, B.A.P has surprised their fans with their unique vocals and showed how they improved.

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However, it seems that a controversy has happened within these days. It caught everyone off-guard. The issue has something to do with their new song, All The Way Up.

All The Way Up is the 2nd song on their album. Coupled with electronic and percussive beats, it gives off a fast-paced aura. The lyrics are inspiring and the line distribution fits the song. It is a good song. However, with recent discovery, it turns out that the original composer, David Anthony, has actually sold the song to a Hong Kong artist, William Chan, last May.

TS Entertainment response about All The Way Up controversy

7th of September, TS Entertainment then posted their stand about this controversy. They explained the events that transpired before the release of this album. It turns out, last February 27, they’ve started accumulating songs that will be included on the album. In this regard, they’ve asked “The Kennel”, a company which delivers songs to various companies in Korea.

Following that, May 31st, they’ve confirmed with the company if All The Way Up is alright to use. And then finally June 1st, they’ve asked the original producer for a final confirmation of using the song. After settling the monetary fees, TS proceed in recordings.

They released the album last September 5th and even performed the song All The Way Up last September 6. on MBC every1 “Show Champion”.

However, that’s when the issue started. It is when the B.A.P All The Way Up song controversy has resurfaced. Wonhyuk Kim informed The Kennel for clarification about the matter. Thus, Hayden Bell, CEO of The Kennel issued an apology and explanation of the matter.

B.A.P All The Way Up Song Controversy

In this letter, he explained that David Anthony worked alone in the UK (wherein the company is based in Sweden) and wasn’t able to receive any supervision from the company. He added that David is still a newbie in this matter; therefore, he’s still learning the ways of Korean market. Furthermore, the company wasn’t aware that he already sold the song to another artist.

The CEO then assured TS Entertainment that there’ll be no copyright issue in using the song. Consequently, the members of B.A.P have talked about the issue in the recording of M Countdown and stated that they might not be able to perform All The Way Up again. However, the issue has been solved and they’ve performed the song on other music shows since.

William Chan’s version of the song

Gotta admit, both versions are great and it’s in no way artists’ fault that such a misunderstanding has occurred.

What are your thoughts on B.A.P All The Way Up Song Controversy?

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