August 2017 BTS Comeback Love Yourself Theme

August 2017 BTS Comeback Love Yourself Theme is promised to blow our minds yet again!

August 2017 BTS Comeback Love Yourself Theme

Photo: Big Hit

BTS Comeback in August 2017 is planned to have “Love Yourself” Theme.

According to Korean media reports, popular K-Pop boy group BTS revealed to have their comeback this year with the theme of ‘Love Yourself’. We do know, that the boys still have their ongoing tour in Japan, which will end on July 2, 2017. Last venue will be held in Sapporo, Japan at Makomanai Ice Arena.

[UPDATE]: Big Hit Responded To Reports About BTS August 2017 Comeback

On other previous interviews BTS had the leader Rap Monster clearly state, that this comeback will be different from any previous themes they had implemented in their Music Videos.

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Reportedly, they will create a drama- style video, which will include stories of each member. They are planning to release the videos sequentially.

Their agency – Big Hit Entertainment also said to be contacting various entertainment companies to recruit talented story writers. They also look for actors and actresses that would have a good chemistry with members of BTS.

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BTS a.k.a Bangtan Boys are well known for their plot twisted stories. Those are famous for blowing minds of all fans, leaving them wonder what meaning hides behind it. ARMYs have struggled with trying to solve all the countless theories about BTS MV story lines. They show it in majority of their music videos, teasers and special releases.

As the theme spread all over the social media, group’s fandom ARMYs can’t wait for BTS to have their comeback as soon as possible.

BTS Comeback with Love Yourself Theme is planned to be held in August 2017, after they finish their Japan tour.

What do you think August 2017 BTS Comeback Love Yourself Theme will be like? You can start sharing your theories already.

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