Lee Minhyuk Discussed MONSTA X Abs On Live Broadcast

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MONSTA X Minhyuk Talks About Member’s Abs

 On September 1, 2017, The first “Mon News” episode was published on MONSTA X’s Naver V App. It was anchored by the sunshine of the group, Lee Minhyuk.

The hot topic of “Mon News” was Kihyun losing a lot of his abs.

During the Shine Forever stage promotions of MONSTA X, Kihyun caught the attention of all Monbebes (fandon name). While performing the choreography of Shine Forever, he showed his new asset – killer six-pack abs.

The hearts of the Monbebes were easily taken by the adorable hamster, Kihyun. Not only because of his charming looks and killer smile, but also with his new pride – his abs.

Lee Minhyuk Discussed MONSTA X Abs

photo: FoxBEBE

Unfortunately, Kihyun officially requested Minhyuk to tell the Monbebes, that his abs were now disappearing.

Kihyun’s official comment was –

“I am regaining weight”.

Well, despite Kihyun gaining abs, his lose of weight was very noticeable. Of course, that made Monbebes worry about his current health status.

Minhyuk also said, that Kihyun is fine, even if he doesn’t have abs. And he’s also fine, even if he is skinny, but he’s now giving an effort on gaining a lot of weight.

And another issue, became a hot topic of “Mon News”, as well.

“I can do this” – Mr. Jooheon.

On June 21, 2017, with Jooheon’s strong determination, he posted a selfie with Wonho, wearing a sleeveless shirt, on MONSTA X official fan cafe.

Lee Minhyuk Discussed MONSTA X Abs

Lee Minhyuk Discussed MONSTA X Abs

Member’s response was quite funny, though. They picked on him in the comment section and doubted, that Jooheon would last long with working out. But due to Jooheon’s strong willpower, he even bought workout outfits and tagged along with Wonho in working out.

Hovewer later on, Jooheon took a break from exercising for a month and the members started to ask him if he will still exercise?

“I got it”, – he replied.

And the members renamed the I can do this Jooheon to I said I can do this, but I can’t Jooheon.

Then he replied, – “I did try”.

Minhyuk admits, that he did try it, but didn’t even show a thing. He also said that Jooheon is better off without abs and he likes him just the way he is with his soft belly.

Abs or not?

Tell us your reaction after Lee Minhyuk Discussed MONSTA X Abs.


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