MINUE Drops GRAVITY MV Full Version on [MJ Dreamsys] Official Youtube Channel

MINUE Drops GRAVITY MV Full Version on [MJ Dreamsys] Official Youtube Channel

MINUE Drops GRAVITY MV Full Version

MJ Dreamsys

Former member of Korean Rock Band Trax under SM Entertainment, known as Rose then and as Minue in Japan and ICON in Korea, also by his name No Minwoo (노민우) as an actor now, posted a Full Version of Music Video for track GRAVITY  on March 23rd.

Minue aka No Minwoo debuted with Trax back in 2004th and left the band two years after their debut. After his departure he pursued acting career in Korea starring in various dramas, such as My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox co-starred with Shin Minah, Pasta and Full House Take 2 co-starred with Hwang Jungeum.

No Minwoo is a very talented musician and composer, who plays variety of musical instruments and has good vocal abilities. He wrote many soundtracks to dramas, including those he played in.

In 2012th Minwoo signed with his own label MJ Dreamsys and is promoting under it till this day.

In 2013th he returned to Korean scene as a singer under stage name ICON releasing his single album of same name – ICON.
Since then he appeared in Korean dramas again and in 2016th debuted in Japan under stage name Minue, releasing a single Gravity.

Back in 2016th when the track Gravity was released,  only the short version of the Music Video appeared on official channels.  And foreign fans had no access to the full version till now.

On March 23rd, 2017 Minue finally revealed the full version of Gravity to his fans all over the world through his YouTube channel MINUE OFFICIAL.

The song is rocking and Music Video isn’t lacking eye candy. Minwoo is known not only for his amazing talents as a musician and actor, but also for his stunning good looks, making some fans doubt he is from this world.

As for some other facts, Minwoo is close friends with JYJ Kim Jaejoong and he has an adorable dog name Momo that has own Instagram account.

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Watch full version of Music Video for Gravity here
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