Krystal Jung And Nam Joohyuk Starring In Bride Of The Water God 2017 K-Drama

Nam Joohyuk Starring In Bride Of The Water God 2017

Krystal Jung and Nam Joohyuk starring in Bride Of The Water God 2017 Korean drama.
tvN, the same network, that released Goblin K-drama, which was a huge success worldwide is planning to premiere the new drama in July of 2017th. This is another manhwa based drama involving supernatural creatures, such as Gods.

Nam Joohyuk Starring In Bride Of The Water God 2017

photo: TVReport

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Bride Of The Water God 2017 (Habaekui Shinboo 2017/하백의 신부 2017) already has a familiar scenario presented by eye candies, such as model turned actor Nam Joohyuk as a Water God, Shin Sekyung as his bride and K-pop idol group F(x) member and a beauty Krystal Jung, playing a deity Hye Ra, that decided to become a celebrity in a human world.

Despite the fact, that drama is set to premier not any sooner than July of 2017 it has already gathered much attention and netizens are expressing their anticipation.

Interesting to note, that in the original manhwa Water God Ha Baek is a handsome man during the night, but is cursed to look like a child during the day. The intrigue is kept how close to the original scenario will writers keep this adaptation. Also it is known, that drama will be presenting modern days unlike the original manhwa.

Will it become a hit just like Goblin or perhaps even surpass it? Time will show. But it is definitely worth checking out.

Nam Joohyuk Starring In Bride Of The Water God 2017


The village is suffering from a long term drought and the only way Water God Ha Baek agrees to save them is if they sacrifice a human bride to him. So Ah decides to become the bride to save her village. She follows the Water God into his world inhabited by many different Gods.

So Ah (Shin Sekyung) has her own neuropsychiatrist practice, but is struggling because of debt.
Ha Baek  (Nam Joohyuk) is a reincarnation of the Water God.
Hye Ra (Krystal Jung) is a Goddess, who became an actress due to her stunning beauty in a human world, where she has lived for hundreds of years. Hye Ra turns into So Ah’s rival because of her one sided love for Ha Baek.
Hoo Ye (Lim Juhwan) is a CEO of a resort and Ha Baek’s main rival. His relationship with So Ah didn’t kick off that great at first, but later on he falls in love with her.
Bi Ryum (Gong Myung) is  a God of the Wind, who is in love with Hye Ra, despite knowing she loves Ha Baek.

Director: Kim Byungsoo
Writer: Jung Yoonjung
Manhwa writer: Yoon Mikyung



Nam Joohyuk as Ha Baek
Shin Sekyung as So Ah
Krystal as Hye Ra
Gong Myung as Bi Ryum
Lim Juhwan as Hoo Ye
Kang Haneul – cameo appearance
Yang Donggeun – cameo appearance

Who’s excited about Nam Joohyuk starring in Bride Of The Water God 2017?

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