Infinite Sungjong Got Into A Car Accident

Recently, INFINITE Sungjong got into a car accident. It happened couple of days before INFINITE was supposed to hold a fan meeting in Seoul on May 20, 2017.

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Luckily, Lee Sungjong wasn’t badly hurt. However, he was able to attend the event, despite his injury, this accident made him unable to dance during a fan meeting performance.

Infinite Sungjong Got Into A Car Accident


During a performance Sungjong sang together with his group mates, but instead of dancing he was sitting down. Other members of the group were very attentive of their maknae and kept checking up on his well being throughout the whole event.

Infinite Sungjong Got Into A Car Accident


Even though idol decided to attend the fan meeting it was obvious, that he was suffering from pain, at times, being unable to move freely and bend his back. Despite being in pain, he tried to hide it as much as possible and smiled a lot for his fans.

Hopefully, Lee Sungjong will be able to get some rest and recover fast and this injury won’t have any permanent consequences.

Many fans have expressed their concerns and took to SNS to wish Sungjong a speedy recovery.

INFINITE is known for working very hard and always trying to please their fans no matter what.

Several members had suffered from serious injuries in the past.

Woohyun’s shoulder got damaged beyond recovery during a filming of “Idol Star Athletics Championships” in 2014. It is said he might suffer from chronic pains by the time he reaches the age of 30.

Hoya has previously injured his leg, Sungyeol had injured his back and Sungkyu has fractured his ribs.

INFINITE L was also rushed to the hospital, because of extreme exhaustion and lack of sleep.

It was previously reported, that INFINITE will postpone their planned May comeback because of leader Sungkyu’s injury, who is doing much better at the moment, but still hasn’t recovered completely. Originally, it was planned to be postponed till the end of June, but after INFINITE Sungjong got into a car accident it is now unclear.

All we can wish is for boys to take better care of themselves, not to overwork and not injure themselves in the future.


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