ARMYs Write Touching Letters To Support BTS, After Member Jimin Received Death Threats From Anti-Fans.

Member Jimin received death threats

“Every word of hate will be covered by thousands love letters”

Second half of March 2017th turned out quite hectic for Korean idol group BTS (방탄소년단), after member Jimin received death threats.

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BTS Fandom ARMY from all over the globe gathered together online to show support for their beloved artists.
They started a project “Letters from A.R.M.Y’s” in a large Facebook group. Many ARMYs sent hand written letters, that were later turned into a touching video. Fans are sharing it on Twitter under a hashtag #ARMYlovesBTS. They hope people will spread it, so that BTS can find it and read it. Especially at a time like this, when so much hate was thrown at them for no reason.

As many may have heard already, recently K-Pop boy group BTS was going through a lot. At the moment, boys are in the middle of promoting their album on a World Tour, going from country to country. In March some anti fans started spreading malicious rumors about BTS on Twitter and it blew out of proportions, after member Jimin received death threats.

Twitter user @AntiBTSAnti was threatening to shoot Jimin during a concert on April 1st. And another account @Selja_Helllover was spreading malicious rumors about BTS and disturbing images wishing Jimin death.
All of those accounts were suspended and BigHit Entertainment was notified about the issue, thanks to ARMYs that trended #ArmyWillProtectJimin on Twitter. BTS agency made a statement that they are aware and taking actions and that member Jimin is safe.

Find out more about this issue here… WHO IS SELJA? Disturbing Death Threats Against BTS Jimin.


The Facebook group «BTS ARMY INTERNATIONAL (방탄소년단)» with around 100 thousands members wanted to cheer up their boys by doing a project called “Letters from A.R.M.Y’s”, where the admin of the group asked them to write 2-3 sentences about why BTS inspires them. They got a lot of letters and the video was published on YouTube on March 29, 2017.

“The purpose of doing this project was because I saw a lot of hate comments towards BTS, so I decided to cheer them up with those inspiring letters from A.R.M.Y’s all around the world. I really hope they will see the video someday and remember that their A.R.M.Y’s will always stay by their side.”, says creator of BTS fan group, Christine.

Many people have been sharing the video on Twitter, tagging BTS official account with hashtag #ARMYlovesBTS, hoping they will see it. BTS got a lot of hate and Jimin received death threats recently. There are negative vibes everywhere, which is one of the reasons why “Letters from A.R.M.Y’s” project was published.

 Watch this touching video here

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