FNC Statement About Jung Yonghwa Kyunghee University Admission

FNC Statement About Jung Yonghwa Kyunghee University Admission

FNC Statement About Jung Yonghwa Kyunghee University Admission

Recently, Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE got into a controversy with his admission into the Kyunghee university doctorate program. He received a lot of criticism from Korean netizens after some media has pinned his name to investigation going on in the mentioned above university that allegedly accepts people via preferential treatment.

FNC Entertainment has since released their official statement to clarify the situation and point out that Jung Yonghwa isn’t at fault.

FNC Statement About Jung Yonghwa Kyunghee University Admission:

“First of all, we apologize about the issue with Jung Yonghwa’s interview for the doctorate program at Kyunghee University…

Jung Yonghwa and staff from our company were investigated by the police, recently, because of his admission to doctorate program in Applied Arts that focuses in research and development of production of practical music. Jung Yongwa was suggested by the university that he should apply several times. In January 2017 he applied during an additional recruitment period and he was accepted.

Due to idols as well as other famous celebrities being busy performing, their companies manage their schedules which they follow. In this case, we took care of all the processes and communication in regards of preparing and submission of Jung Yonghwa’s graduate school application.

We thought he was accepted into graduate school via regular interview process until this has become an issue. Jung Yonghwa thought like this as well. He attended the interview following our schedule.

Jung Yonghwa was investigated by the police although we didn’t have absolutely any intentions to violate the school’s regulations we’re really sorry to have caused the controversy. Jung Yonghwa is on a leave of absence from school after this became an issue.

For clarification, Jung Yonghwa has submitted an application to doctorate program of Applied Arts during winter of 2016 but didn’t get accepted due to a mistake in application process. But the school suggested he applies once more during additional recruitment period in January 2017 because the course was having the lack of applicants. Professor who was in charge of that program wants more applicants.

Additional recruitment process in January 2017 was not competitive and mostly all applicants were accepted. It wasn’t like Jung Yonghwa was accepted with preferential treatment into a difficult program. There’s no reason for us to do that, especially because he’s a famous celebrity who’s career depends on his public image.

If we knew before that school regulations don’t allow individual interviews and it’s supposed to be held at school we would manage Jung Yonghwa’s schedule to have enough free time to be able to go there. We would never do anything to harm his image.

As a company we will take responsibility for this issue and we want to apologize¬†for causing this controversy once again.”

FNC Statement About Jung Yonghwa Kyunghee University Admission explains that Jung Yonghwa isn’t responsible for the application process and had no intention to violate any rules. And it still remains unclear whether any rule violation actually took place, since KH university has changed their statements regarding the issue several times.

Nevertheless, Jung Yonghwa posted a hand written apology letter on his Instagram account.

Source: Naver

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