BTS Suga Called Celine Dion Noona On A Radio Show

BTS Suga Called Celine Dion Noona

BTS Suga Called Celine Dion Noona

BTS Suga says Dion Noona has an amazing personality

On October 8, BTS visited an English speaking radio and had a live Q&A session where fans asked them questions through an interactive broadcast.

They discussed many different things on iHeartRadio’s Ask Anything Chat segment. Like which places in the USA they liked when they visited, which songs are their must sing at a karaoke and which costumes do they prefer to wear during a Halloween. BTS Jin was even asked to crack one of his infamous “dad jokes” to which he facepalmed, but complied as per fan’s wish.

Among all the different questions, someone asked which famous celebrities had BTS met in real life. Boys immediately gave an impressive list of world famous stars. Such as Psy, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake. They didn’t forget to mention Big Hit‘s CEO Hitman Bang as well.

Then, while thinking about which celebrities they had interactions with, J-Hope said,

“The one who sang the Titanic OST” – Hoseok

BTS Suga Celine Dion Noona

“Oh, Celine Dion” – Namjoon replied.

They met her at Billboard Music Awards back in May of 2017, when BTS won the Top Social Artist Award. J-hope said that meeting her was really amazing.

BTS Suga Celine Dion Noona

To which BTS member Suga added,

“Dion noona has amazing personality” – BTS Suga, 2017

This made J-hope and other members crack up. And of course, fans went on to express their amusement as well. Noona is a term for older sister in Korea. It is used to address an older female by younger males.

Here are some fan’s reaction’s to “Dion noona”

““Dion noona” I’m dead ? suga I love you tho but”

“”dion noona” sounds too cute coming from suga….i died 837463527 times”

“Yoongi: Dion Noona Me: incoherent laugh BOI I’m dead???”

Meanwhile, BTS Namjoon asked to address him as Kim Namjoon or RM. Group’s leader and rapper recently also changed his stage name “Rap Monster” or “Rapmon” to RM on BTS fan cafe. He said he grew out of it and it’s a bit childish to call him that now. He kindly asked fans to call him Namjoon or RM from now on.

Watch the first part of BTS Ask Anything Chat here

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