BTS Members Thank ARMYs For Being By Their Side

BTS Members Thank ARMYs

BTS Members Thank ARMYs

Every BTS member individually thanked ARMYs for being with them till the end

On October 8, BTS officially wrapped up their Love Yourself: Her album promotions in Korea. They performed on many different music shows, held several fan meetings and broke many records, making history as always.

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Of course, all this time their faithful fandom ARMYs have been by their side, supporting the boys in any way possible. BTS as well, treated their fans with love and much care.

Moreover, there was even a time when BTS had to record an M Countdown music show and their schedule was so tight, they had to film for almost 24 hours straight. And of course, ARMYs were present at the recording too. They were barely allowed to even go to the toilet, not to mention food breaks. At that time BTS had bought lunches worth around 10,000$ for their ARMYs.

“Nyam Nyam, let’s eat deliciously” – BTS Tweeted that time.

The bond between the group and the fans is really no joke. ARMYs are voting without rest for the boys in every competition possible.

This time BTS had broken so many records and charts, that we honestly lost track and count of it. Breaking into Billboard HOT 100 and Billboard 200. Reaching records and milestones with views on their YouTube videos and selling over a million album copies in a short period of time are just a few to mention.

BTS Members Thank ARMYs

BTS Members Thank ARMYs

And finally, after successfully finishing their promotions, BTS members took to Twitter to express their gratitude to the fans for their endless support. They all posted selcas and wrote little messages to their beloved ARMYs.

Member Jin was the first one to upload a beautiful self taken photo of himself and address the fandom.

He wrote:

“Thanks for cheering us on till the end, ARMY.”

J-Hope was next in line with a cute photo of himself doing a finger heart sign.

Hoseok said,

Our ARMYs, thank you. I won’t forget this. Thanks and I love you until the end!!”

Then, Jimin posted a cute picture with his arms making a shape of heart.

Jimin wrote:

“Thanks everyone, for sending your love to us until the end of promotions.
Today really is the day filled with happiness.
Thanks ARMYs. #JIMIN #OurARMYsWonAnAward #Inkigayo”

Jungkook posted a selfie with Taehyung.

He said:

“ARMY, thank you so much for the first place.
It was a very fun promotions time. #Jungkook”

BTS V was next. He dropped a mirror selfie and added a cute tiger emoji with a hashtag to his Tweet.

Taehyung wrote in a cutesy aegyo manner:

“I’m so grateful and tankful. Thanks for making all my days good days.
I love you. #KimTaehyung”

Meanwhile, Namjoon posted a video of himself.

And wrote in English, emphasizing RM in the word ARMY, which is his stage name. Recently, he asked fans to use RM instead of Rapmon or Rap Monster.

“thank you <3 #aRMy”

He also showed thumbs up and said in the video,

“ARMYs are the best”

Suga, also known as Min Yoongi, dropped a gorgeous selfie too.

In addition, he wrote,

“What a meaningful promotion!! Everyone did their best!!”

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BTS performing DNA on Inkigayo

Thank you, BTS, for this wonderful comeback and great performances! Keep breaking records and making history together with your always growing fandom.

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