Are BTS And EXO Trying To Tell Us Something?


BTS And EXO solar eclipses

BTS fan is shook after finding this surprise from EXO in her BTS album

Recently, a BTS ARMY had bought Love Yourself: Her album and what she discovered after opening the package was quite a shock.

Their friend, who happens to be an EXO L, shared her new found discovery on Twitter. And it has been going viral ever since.

So what was it, that mentioned above ARMY had found in her package of long awaited BTS album? And why the title?

Due to in-explainable packaging mistake, for some reason a photo card of EXO’s Chanyeol has gotten into her BTS album package.



Alongside BTS promotional photos loaded in the album, a picture of EXO’s Chanyeol was proudly sitting on top of shook fan’s Love Yourself: Her CD.


Some fans decided that perhaps this wasn’t a mistake and BTS and EXO are doing it on purpose to stop the fan wars.

Surprised EXO L took it to Twitter to share her ARMY friend’s awesome discovery. Meanwhile, other netizens went on making jokes about Chanyeol being the 8th member of BTS. Some also mentioned that Big Hit is trying to tell fans to stop the fan wars and unite.

It’s a win-win situation said another fan

Are BTS and EXO trying to tell us something?

Looking at these two popular Korean boy group recent comebacks and all the theories made by fandoms…we’ve noticed something interesting.

Both EXO and BTS held their comebacks this September 2017. EXO came back sooner than BTS and the theme for the comeback was solar eclipse and outer space. The name of the comeback album is The War: The Power of Music and the title track is called Power. One of the teasers was called Total Eclipse.

A solar eclipse from EXO comeback teaser


Then BTS has recently shared a first comeback teaser called Serendipity, featuring member Jimin. The teaser also focused on space and the solar eclipse was shown. Meanwhile BTS album is called Love Yourself: Her.

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A solar eclipse from BTS Jimin’s serendipity


So, we’ve noticed a tendency here, after looking at both groups’ promotions.

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The Solar Eclipse

In mythology Solar Eclipse represents the end. As the story goes, there were two sides battling against each other for five years. And one day during a battle the sky turned dark. Of course, both sides were historically shook. But it was nothing other than the Solar Eclipse.

Back in those days something like that would definitely shook people more than EXO and BTS comebacks together. So their historical wigs were flying that day. Both sides took it as a sign. As a sign that they should “stob it” (and get some help…jk).

Basically, long story short, the Solar Eclipse marked the end of the war. Because both sides decided to seize the war that day, after receiving what they thought was a sign from above.

So, as we all know, EXO L and ARMYs often have some mean fan wars between each other. And it probably hurts the groups. Meanwhile, in real life it’s no secret, that BTS and EXO are friends with each other.

So perhaps, EXO and BTS are trying to tell us something?

Perhaps, that we should stop the war, unite through the power of music and love ourselves?.. Just a theory.

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