Long Awaited BOYFRIEND Comeback 2017 Star

Watch BOYFRIEND Comeback 2017 Star MV here

Kpop boy group Boyfriend returned with mini album Never End after 2 year hiatus

On August 9th 2017, Boyfriend (보이프렌드) returned with their fifth mini album titled Never End and the title track is called Star.

This comeback is showing more of a manly vibe. They used simple colours with mostly white strobe lighting, which matches the MV concept.

Their fandom Best Friend’s posted happy reactions online

“Cries tears of joy”


“I missed them”

Boyfriend Star Music Video Review

The MV was filled with simple colours and strobe lighting effects.

First of all, the opening for the MV is dark with Youngmin appearing alone standing in front of a door and one special effect was used – a strobe lighting around the door.

Boyfriend Comeback 2017 Star

Meanwhile, the MV changes to Youngmin and Kwangmin sitting inside a box, this could represent a one sided love. Both members are wearing white shirt attires to match the MV concept.

Boyfriend Comeback 2017 Star

Then, Hyunseong appears to stand in front of a cherry blossom tree wearing a pale blue dress shirt attire, this could represent love and innocence.

Boyfriend Comeback 2017 Star

Later on, we see Minwoo standing in an empty petrol station, another special effect was used – Minwoo’s love interest disappears, which adds great detail to the theme and MV.

Boyfriend Comeback 2017 Star

Also, Boyfriend are seen in simple attires and the choreography is simply beautiful.

Boyfriend Comeback 2017 Star

And the song has an upbeat ballad feel.

Finally, the lyrics represent the past and have a deep meaning.

Boyfriend Never End mini album track list:

1: “Star” is the title track. (written and composed by Jungmin, Superkiro and Jooheon)

2: “Falling”

3: “Never End” (핑)

4: “Welcome To My”

5: “Sorry” (비공개 사과)

You can preview and download Boyfriend Never End Mini Album on iTunes

Previously, Starship Entertainment posted a teaser on Twitter for Boyfriends latest comeback. The teaser had a manly concept with the use of white and black attires.

Boyfriend comeback stage on Mnet M Countdown

Recently, on the latest episode of M Countdown, Boyfriend had their comeback stage. They performed Star. The fans chanted throughout the performance.

Boyfriend Comeback 2017 Star M Countdown comeback stage

Furthermore, Boyfriend posted a special behind the scenes video for the Star Music Video on to YouTube.

Boyfriend Comeback 2017 Star Making Film

Lastly, within a few hours of release Boyfriend sold over 1,983 copies of Never End.

What are your thoughts on BOYFRIEND Comeback 2017 Star?

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