B.A.P Playing Scream Go aka “Voice Flappy Bird” – Hilarious Game Going Viral Across Asia

B.A.P Playing Scream Go“Scream Go” is a voice controlled video game that’s been going viral in Asia lately. Game play is very similar to extremely popular game “Flappy Bird”, that went viral few years back, with only difference that you’re supposed to use your voice to move the character. Many videos of people playing this game went viral on the Internet and some celebrities tried it too. We came across a video of Korean Boy Group B.A.P playing Scream Go and it was so hilarious, we decided to share it with you.

We’ve found a video of B.A.P playing Scream Go on Haeyo TV. Boys had to pick a piece of paper with a word written on it and play the game moving their character by screaming that word. The words they picked made it that much more funny. They had to scream “eonnie” (term younger females call older females, which means “older sister”), “oppa” (term younger females call older males, which means “older brother”), “sha sha sha” – a lyric from Twice‘s song “Cheer Up” which means “shy shy shy”, that went viral because member Sana was really cute performing it in the music video. Member Daehyun also got to control the game singing B.A.P’s newest single “Wake Me Up”, which ended up kind of peculiar, resembling sounds monkeys make (really cute monkeys).

Some members did better than others in this game. For example Jongup was failing hard, meanwhile Youngjae owned the game like a boss.

Before moving on to video, look at this set of funny screenshots we’ve captured of B.A.P members priceless reactions. B.A.P Playing Scream GoYoungjae’s hilarious reaction at losing a round of the game. Boy, was he shook…

B.A.P Playing Scream GoDaehyun is so done with Yongguk’s manly “eonnie”.

B.A.P Playing Scream GoThat look of disappointment on Jongup’s face and Zelo laughing at his fail.


Watch this hilarious video of B.A.P Playing Scream Go here (starting at 49:47)
Also don’t forget to check out B.A.P’s latest music video “Wake Me UP”

Seeing B.A.P Playing Scream Go really makes you wanna try out this fun game. Props to developers. You can find this game on iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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